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Historical site or museum (International Spy Museum DC)

Historical Site or Museum

Learning the history of the native state is important for every single person. There was a time when the history of the country was unseparated from its nation and consciousness of its inhabitants. Nowadays, on the contrary, it seems that fairly large amount of people have rather poor knowledge about the country they live in, about the history of its development and the main historical events. Luckily, there are many ways to overtake it today, including both visiting museums, and interactive exhibitions, as well as browsing museums websites. The latter ones have a great significance, as they allow learning anything one needs in any place and anytime, and usually free, which is very useful counting on the tempo of the modern life.


Three sites that deal with the United States history were visited; the first one is dedicated to the Mount Vernon and the person of George Washington, the second one deals with the different aspects of the American history, including its culture and social life, and the third one tells about different periods of the USA development.

The first site is totally dedicated to the first American President, George Washington. It consists of all sorts of information that deal with Washingtons life and family, his political activities and presidency years. Here one can explore the mansion the President lived in, visiting the rooms and reading their description during the online tour around the house. It is also possible to look around and visit the grounds of the Mount Vernon. The site also provides visitors with the online Fred W. Smith National Library at Mount Vernon; the collection covers the subject areas of the President and his surrounding, as well as the historical timeline and the life in the 18th century. One can explore the rare books, letters, manuscripts and documents, related to this outstanding person and his life at Mount Vernon. What attracts most about this online museum is the possibility to explore the way of life typical for that time period, to see how people dressed and the things they used in their daily life, to look at their pictures and the pictures of their homes and imagine what their life was like. It allows to dive into the unforgettable atmosphere of the 18th century in America and, to tell the truth, it attracts even more than all the exciting historic achievements.

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Unlike the Mount Vernon site, the second one deals with the history of America only. It consists of the units dedicated to the different periods on the history timeline, from the first Americans and Colonial Era to the 21st century. The site is organized so that visitors could find the information they need simple and fast; the timeline table with periods allows getting to any particular period of history and all the documents and data attached. Each period page is provided with pictures, textbooks, multimedia, links, etc., that one may require while exploring. In general, this resource is perfect for teachers and those who do all kinds of historical researches and studies. What is interesting and unusual about this site is that there is a link devoted to the historical music. Visitors can find here such well known music styles as blues and jazz, the music of the 1920s, and more rare ones like the music of the Civil War, the Negro spiritual tunes, sacred music and many others. To check ones level of history knowledge, a visitor can take a quiz, which also differentiates this site from the others.

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The third website that deals with the US history is pretty much different from the first two. It is not devoted to the famous historical person and it does not cover the historical timeline only. This site contains different information related to the American history. One can find here both the description of the main historical events and the history of the Girl Scouts development. The data presented contributes to all the aspects of the American nation, whether it is the history of slavery or the development of the modern art, Civil War field printing or the development of transportation in the USA. There is also a feature that makes this site quite different from what was seen before; visitors can find here information about ordinary persons that were not outstanding, but contributed a lot to the formation of the countrys history, both long ago and nowadays; for example, the gymnast Gabrielle Douglas, Camilla Gottlieb, and others. This aspect makes the site perfect for those who prefer to explore the country from all sides and angles.

Having explored these three websites that deal with the history of the United States, one can notice that, even if they do it in quite different ways, the purpose they chase is the same. Such online resources are created for helping people to discover their native land and state from all sides, sometimes shocking and unknown, and sometimes making one feel proud of the outstanding past of the country. Such online museums, with informative exhibitions and rich collections, and historical websites can be a good help in studying or helping to convey the information to those who for whatever reason are not able to come and see it for themselves. They also enrich the consciousness of people and form the feeling of being a part of a single nation with a great past, they let people feel their roots and belonging to something greater, bring the sense of security and confidence. These resources make history a part of a daily life, popularizing it and turning from a boring science of dates and facts into the bright kaleidoscope of personalities and events, thus attracting a new audience youth and children. It means that the national identity remains preserved in the younger generation and the country remains strong owing to it. Such a role of these online resources cannot be underestimated.


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