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Levi’s book

Levis Book

The works of writers who came to literature from the war fronts are always filled with sincerity and truthfulness. Primo Levi, an Italian poet, novelist, and translator was one of such authors. He graduated from Turin University with honors in chemistry in 1940. Unfortunately, due to the racial laws of fascist Italy, Levi could not find a job and ended up in a partisan unit Partito d'Azione during the Second World War. However, fascist police destroyed this partisan squad in late 1943, and Primo Levi was imprisoned in the Auschwitz camp. After terrible 11 months of imprisonment, Levi wrote his book Survival in Auschwitz. In fact, this work showed the essence of Holocaust to the public consciousness.


This fundamental book is about the man, an Italian of Jewish origin, who was imprisoned in Auschwitz. The author describes the real facts of camp existence and leads a story since his arrest. Survival in Auschwitz is a book about the experience and survival in an earthly hell. Primo Levi informs about hunger, cold, death, humiliation, and suffering on the other side of line between good and evil. He tells the story of survival in camp conditions and terrible attitude towards people. Primo Levi speaks about a human soul and describes how a person could pass the long and hard road. Besides, the author shows how inhuman a person can be, and it does not matter whether this man or woman is a victim or a torturer.

This book allowed me to find out more facts about the Holocaust, the concentration camps, and the terrible reality of war. I learned the essence of the Holocaust regime and the horrible mechanism of dehumanization. In fact, an author showed how the Nazis turn their victims into soulless puppets. I realized how the Holocaust regime cuts off people from their past, separating them from their families, taking away clothing, and denying the name leaving only a number. Therefore, I learned the new truthful reality of the inhuman and horrific nature of the Holocaust.

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In fact, Survival in Auschwitz is different from all the other works on theme of Holocaust and concentration camps. Levis memoir is the hardest book about this topic that I have ever read. The author tells the story about ways of surviving in the camp and describes what kind of person you need to be. However, such themes are rarely open in the works on this subject. Primo Levi paid less attention to the emotional side of the imprisonment because he survived there due composure, rationality, and ability to fight for his life. Such a cold-blooded and strong supply is unique to such books. In fact, other books also tell about the dehumanization, apathy, anger, but they are concentrating on the meaning of suffering, inner freedom, and other emotional aspects. However, in Survival in Auschwitz, the author describes one endless hell, where only those people who can adapt will survive in such the terrible conditions. Levi demonstrates the reality in which people must steal, betray, manipulate the others, and sell themselves for life extension. Thus, Primo Levi says that the more a man is an animal, the more is a chance of escape.

Consequently, the exact description of existence in Auschwitz gives the opportunity to feel the horror of the concentration camps, which makes this book unlike any others. All in all, Survival in Auschwitz is a book about the horrible Holocaust regime that killed the soulless bodies of thousands of people.


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