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Native Americans

All countries and cultural groups want to represent the external reality in a way that is beneficial to them. If they face the opposite views expressed by other cultures, they are highly interested in describing them as savage. This strategy does not require providing logical arguments or empirical support but merely utilizes emotional appeals. However, the close analysis of objective historical facts and peoples experiences can reveal the actual situation. The present paper examines Jemisons story and proves that the notion of Indian savagery is a myth.

Mary Jemisons narrative is a unique historical document that outlines all the major historical facts about the strategies pursued by Native American tribes. In the beginning, it seems that they demonstrated unprecedented brutality as they captured Mary, and killed her relatives. However, the further story reveals that it was the response of Native Americans to the fact of losing their friends and relatives due to wars and illnesses. Therefore, such actions were neither random nor the indicator of their brutality.


As Mary Jemison tended to integrate into the Indian community, she began reassessing her previous experience and life priorities. She realized that some elements of brutality and savagery were present in all cultures without any exception. Moreover, many actions and norms observed among Native Americans were rational and corresponded to their lifestyle. Although Native American women faced very difficult labor conditions, they could enjoy the well-coordinated womens community, as well as spend their time with their children without any external control. In fact, the additional psychological stimuli allowed compensating for hard work.

Moreover, the Indian communities were much more sincere and open in comparison with Western ones. All Native Americans tried to help each other and never insulted or aggressed against their community members. In fact, Mary comprehended the meaning of love and tenderness to much higher degree than it was possible in her country. All cases of brutality expressed in relation to third parties were mostly the response actions. Native Americans appeared to be very calm and peaceful individuals by their nature. Therefore, Mary preferred remaining among Native Americans rather than return to her previous community. The close analysis of Marys experience enables realizing the correctness of her choice.

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Therefore, it is evident that the myth of Indian savagery was artificially created by the representatives of Western civilizations. The major reasons for this strategy are as follows. Firstly, it provides the justification of the large-scale use of force and violence in the actions of white colonists. Consequently, as they acted against the supposed savages, their responses should be viewed as adequate. Secondly, it allows presenting the entire history solely from the Western perspective. As a result, the interests, needs, and motives of other people and the representatives of other cultures can be neglected even without any critical investigation.

To summarize, Mary Jemisons narrative allows comprehending the actual scope of Native Americans actions. Although some of their responses were brutal, it was the reactions to the previous injustices observed during wars. Moreover, the general environment present within the Native American community was positive and sincere. Although all community members had to work, they supported each other and enjoyed the proper independence. Therefore, Mary decided that her life with Native Americans would be much better in comparison with her previous colonial environment. The choice made by her also outlines the major hidden aspects that should be comprehended by the general public to reveal the myth of Indian brutality and savagery. It will allow to analyze and perceive the objective historical events in a more realistic manner.


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