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Policemen of the World

Policemen of the World

After the civil war, the government of the U.S has been taking on crucial responsibilities and played leading roles in international issues. A new policy on approaching various international matters adopted by the government has been instrumental in building the U.S as the world military superpower. The actions taken by the U.S over the years have been aimed at protecting its interests all over the globe at all costs. There are several factors that led to the US rising as the most powerful world policing. It was also influenced by its foreign relations policy that was crafted after the American civil war.


One of the main aims of the foreign relations policy drafted after the civil war was protection of the American interests in the world politics. One of the events that arose due to this policy was American military taking part in the Libyan war, when they helped in the removal of Gadhafi from power. The main goal of this was protection of the American political interests given that Libya was a key ally of the U.S in the fight against terrorism in the world. Secondly, the U.S military has been actively involved in the war against piracy in the Gulf Eden, which has been on the rise for the past five years. The objective of this action has been to protect the American economic interests from piracy, which has cost the country millions of dollars. These events show that the American foreign policy was drafted to ensure that the interests of the country are protected both globally and regionally (Jerald, 2008, p. 18).

A close look at the American history from 1865 shows that there were a number of aspects which led to the rise of the country as a superpower when it comes to policing. First, the non-interference policy during the World Wars greatly contributed to the rise of the U.S as a world super power in the area of policing. The American military intervened in the war only when it was necessary. The country engaged in the wars only during their end stages. Consequently, the US did not incur huge military losses compared to other powerful countries at the time and it always emerged as the most powerful country. On the other hand, over the history, the American governments invested heavily in the military research and technology, particularly during the Cold War era. During that period, the US military and police force emerged as one of best equipped and most skilled around the globe. Investment in the military led to manufacturing of nuclear weapons, which contributed to the growth of the country as the world most powerful country economically and militarily. During the era, the country adopted a political philosophy known as capitalism, which made numerous contributions to the expansion of the nations economy as the global superpower.

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The third aspect in the American history which led to the US rise as the policing superpower was the fall of the USSR in the 1990s, which brought the Cold War to an end. The fall of USSR made the U.S the most powerful country as its main competitor was basically defeated. The failure of the USSR socialism policy also led to the fall of the Russian military strength possessed during the period of the Cold War. After the weakening of the Russian military, the U.S was recognized as the global leading superpower in the areas of international policing.

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There are a number of international events where America has taken on a policing role. Firstly, the U.S has taken a leading role in the war against terrorism. The American security agencies are actively involved in tracking down terrorists suspected of engaging in terrorist activities in different parts of the world. For instance, the American military engaged in the war in Iraq and also initiated the chase for AL Qaeda and Taliban agitators in Afghanistan, which evidences that the country takes an active part in the war against terrorism not only locally but globally as well (Kochler, 2006, p. 106). Secondly, the US has taken a leading role in the fight against drugs. The distribution and consumption of drugs are global problems and need cooperation among countries. Thus, the U.S has taken on an international policing role by financing the other countries police forces in the war against illegal drugs. Finally, the country has been actively involved in the fight against piracy as mentioned earlier. Consequently, it has provided warships to be involved in this fight in various parts of the world.

The participation of the U.S government in solving of the worldwide problems and playing the policing role have been driven by numerous factors. To start with, one of the driving forces was enhancing the security of the U.S citizens around the globe. Since September 11 attacks, the country changed its approach to the fight against international crime by taking a leadership role (Coulter, 2003). Additionally, the need to protect the American economic interests has also contributed to the U.S. involvement in international policing. American businessmen have huge investments in various parts of the world and they make great contributions to the growth of their countrys economy. Therefore, the U.S government has to take part in international policing, especially when its economic interests are threatened. Furthermore, the need to protect the interests of its key allies also influenced the US position as to global problems and led to its involvement in international affairs.


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