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President Jackson

American History

Question 1


Theory of Nullification

This theory allows the state to invalidate any act in the Constitution that the federal government feels is not constitutional any more. It is based on the fact that the states joined hands and formed the government; hence, the states retain the power to validate or invalidate any law. The states have the power to nullify the laws that do not come within the powers of the federal government.

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Trail of Tears

It took place in 1830; the Americans were forced to relocate, and they suffered much from diseases, starvation and harsh weather conditions while on their land. The relocation led to death of more than ten thousand Americans. The relocation was aimed at making more lands available to the white setters. The last relocation was due to discovery of gold.

John C. Calhoun

He was an American citizen and a political analyst. Calhoun played a big role in fighting for the rights of the slaves and minorities in the states. He supported the Revolutionary War against the Britain. He also served as the vice president of America.

Andrew Jackson

He was one of the presidents of America; he served as a carrier during the Revolutionary War. Jackson increased the hatred the Americans had towards the British. He led to a shift in the America politics as he was elected as a frontier president. He also preceded the forced relocation of the Americans living in Mississippi.

Peggy Eaton

She was believed to be clever, beautiful and vivacious. She caused a scandal that touched the Cabinet members and their wives that, in turn, led to most of them resigning because president Jackson had to defend her. The then vice president also had to resign from office due to that scandal. It gave van Martin a chance to become an America vice president and eventually president.

Henry Clay

He was the Speaker of the House of Representatives, as well as the Secretary of the United States. He played a major role as a leader in the war as he supported the American system. He also talked about the need to increase tariffs to empower American industrialization. He was against the war between the Mexicans and Americans.

Daniel Webster

He was a member of the House of Representatives in the United States. He is remembered for the support he offered to the federal government. He was among the people opposing the war that took place in 1812. He defended the Constitution and he denounced nullification in California. He played a major role in demarcating the boundary that separated Britain from America; this prevented the start of the planed war.

Question 2

The four components of the New Democratic Political System are:

Extension of voting rights

The new politics was to ensure that all white men had a right to vote. This replaced the earlier system when not all could vote and everybody had to pay taxes.

Manifest destiny

This component was employed to ensure that the Americans expanded their territory from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. The principle was also against the use of slaves; this was a turning point that marked the transition from the previous times when the poor could be exploited as slaves. The poor white people could now own land and live freely.


This component was to suggest that all political supporters were given a place in the government offices. They argued that it was the mandate of the political flag bearer to maintain the loyal citizens who supported them. This was done to increase political affiliation and loyalty. Unlike the previous system, the new one could ensure that political parties were now accountable for any failures in the offices.


The Democrats where against the powers given to the banks by the state; in fact, the leaders of the party proved that the banks were going to destroy him, so he just tried to destroy them instead. They believed the banks were there to oppress the common people.

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Distribution of wealth is a key determinant of what may be termed as equality. If the wealth of a country is distributed evenly, there appears to be a small gap between the poor and the rich. It means that every citizen has a chance to own a home and have a stable source of income. When wealth is evenly distributed, the rate of dependence is low because even the old have pension good enough for a decent life. Jackson believed that the gap between the working and the non-working people brought conflict. Therefore, he promised to fill the gap and make the poor grow economically; he stated that the monopoly in the United States was brought by the wealth inequality. He promised to bring free completion to ensure that wealth was distributed evenly. He aimed at removing any barrier preventing the poor from getting their share in the wealth of the nation.

Andrew Jackson was against The Second Bank because he felt that the bank only favored the financially stable and the merchants. Jackson proposed that the banks charter should be cancelled because it aimed at foiling the efforts of the famers and owners of small businesses. Jackson believed the strict financial policies were not helpful to the people, especially the poor; he advocated for the policies to be reversed. At the end of his second term, he managed to change the bank, and later it was closed down due to liquidation.

Andrew Jackson was a racist because of the things he did when he was the United States President. He took the land that belonged to the Native Americans even after the court ordered the land to be given back to them. His move to relocate the Native Americans led to the death of more than ten thousand people. Jackson supported slavery because most slaves were the black Americans and the Indians. Lastly, the president supported the racial war in the South during the era of Reconstruction.

Question 3

Peggy Eaton was a child to Rhoda Howell and William ONeale who owned the most known hotel in Washington DC. She was intelligent, energetic and very beautiful. Peggy was married three times in her life, first to John Timberlake, then to John Eaton and later to a musician named Antonio. She came to know Jackson due to her second husband John because they were good friends.

Jackson appointed John Eaton the War Secretary, leading to his wife being elevated to the class of ministers. Everyone was talking about how Peggy could fall in love with John in such a short period of time after the death of her first husband. There were allegations that they were together already when her first husband was alive; it was believed that Timberlake killed himself because of the Peggys new relationship. The other ministers wives criticized John and her wife for having an affair before they were legally married.

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The attitude of the ministers wives annoyed Jackson. The president supported Peggy because they were good friends with her husband. The president ignored the words of the people after he lost his wife and made Eaton the minister. It was ironic that the rest of the women in the Cabinet did not interact with her socially because they felt she caused the death of her husband.

The president took the matter in his hands and called a meeting in favor of Peggy. In this meeting, Jackson made a joke by saying Peggy Eaton was a virgin though she was married twice and had three children. Some of the representatives of the Cabinet in the meeting tried to make the president change his mind about her, but none of them succeeded. The event affected business of the House because its members swore not to associate with her at any cost. The president decided to reorganize the Cabinet; some of the Cabinet ministers resigned, including the vice president. The controversy gave van Martin a chance to become an America vice president and eventually a president.


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