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The war of Fort McAllister is the one that can be used to elaborate good use of principles of war. The fort is located close to savannah thus making it possible for the war to utilize all or most of the principles of war. The purpose of the paper is to look into the war, as well as the principles used in the war.

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Shermans army used most of the principles of war to its advantage against the enemy. The enemy, or the Forts defending forces, did not utilize principles of war, thus losing to the attacking forces in a short time. Shermans army used the savannah to its advantage. To begin with, they used it for taking cover making them invisible to the enemy. They also used hills and elevations to gain a good view of the enemy approaching. It worked against the enemy, the defending forces approached with no knowledge of the ambush awaiting them. In addition, the defending forces did not use the Fort security to their advantage. It enabled the attacking force to invade without their knowledge. The attackers also utilized the unity-of-command principles in totality. The troops were under the command of one commander and other junior officers. This central arrangement of power and authority ensured unity in the goal and objective. All the troops were pursuing the same objective with all efforts. Central command also ensured simplicity. That is, there could not arise any confusion since everyone was following the same command pursuing the same objective. The most effective principles seen in this war are the principles of objective and offensive action. The attacking forces were focused to their objective of conquering the fort in order to pave way to the savannah. It acted as the powering energy of the forces. The forces also utilized offensive actions against the defenders in totality. Shermans army did not give the enemy any chance to attack. The army attacked strategically, making it impossible for the enemy to fight back.

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