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The Dairy of the Warrior

The arrival of the Spanish brings the future that we never expected. All warriors have prayed for the crucial changes because of the terrible rules set by Montezuma II. It seems, that he only induces the revolt among the people and looses the strength he one had. After giving their invasion some thought, I tend to think that it can bring not only positive changes as my family thinks, but also destroy the society and traditions we have maintained since the beginning.

image1.pngThe coming of Spanish strangers impressed all of us, even our emperor was astonished, even though he chose not to lose his dignity by showing it. Some even believe Cortes to be a God (Jennings, 2007). The first impressive thing was the report of one of the messengers who came this morning and described the people that reached our territory by water. The messenger noticed that warriors had the iron on their heads and in their arms (Jennings, 2007). Surprisingly, we realized that our forces would not be sufficient enough to clear them away. Another impressive fact was rigid tactics of the Spanish. Our emperor Montezuma II understood that the only way that could help him keep his power was drawing away of Cortes to his side with the aim to gain more respect. I think that the result can put us all in danger, as some say that Cortes made an alliance with the other tribes who are against the set rules and decided to defeat the emperor in cooperation (Price, 2016). Today, the Spanish behaved as guests but they will indubitably show their real intentions later.

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I was observing them for the whole evening and I am sure that positive innovations that they show us are capable of destroying the calm life of my people (Price, 2016). The Spanish people come with the intention to settle on our lands, however, they bring too many dogs, weapons that can be used to calm the warriors that rebel against them (Prescott, 2001). Also, their arrival induces a spread of unknown disease and some of us have already fallen ill. It significantly impresses me because that can become a reason of my close friends death, as no one here knows how to fight it (Bierma, 2006). Despite the disease, the Spanish bring a number of other changes. The first crucial impression is that they do not want to develop our native culture. Therefore, our customs and habits could be destroyed under the newly coming culture. They have been showing their new tools and teaching our children to speak their language even though it can destroy our language and society (Price, 2016). Another crucial change is that most of seem to be interested in this modernization because we get to have various domestic animals, grain, sugar, and wide use of Europeans farming practice (Prescott, 2001). What is more, the Spanish say that they want to bring our future generation closer to the civilization through the refusal from the human sacrifice and that cannot be allowed to happen (Price, 2016).

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Furthermore, they have established some minor settlements in our territory and through them they let us use their technology (Palfrey, 2008). The Spanish brought something called cannons and steel. They also promised to teach us to build and use the samples from another land for building more convenient and better shelters and homes, which they need not only for their life, but also for maintaining of cows, sheep, and horses (Palfrey, 2008). Another new technology is connected with building ships, creating weapons, and various applications for the fighting, fishing, and hunting.

In conclusion, I and my fellow warriors fear that the Spanish ambassadors would destroy our emperor and culture. However, they also seem to be eager to contribute to the development of the society as we receive new opportunities to improve our life and life of our children making it more convenient and modernized. Let us see what tomorrow brings.


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