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Two Movies Analysis

The Lost Battalion

Movies play a significant role in the society. They act as a reliable way of passing information. The movie The Lost Battalion is one of the movies that is informative and interesting. This movie acts as a great source of history, and it recalls occurrences during the First World War. The movie acts as a reminder of World War I. It focuses on the role of American troops in the war ending. The movie was shot in 2001. The movie is about a lost battalion that participated in World War I.


The battalion was engulfed by the German army in the Argonne Forest in the Meuse Argonne offensive in 1918. The director of the movie was Russell Mulchay, and the script was written by James Carabatos. At the beginning of the movie, Rick Schroder plays Major Whittlesey Russel. The Lost Battalion was shot in Luxembourg. It was released in January 2001 on home video (Hipple 1).

The movie explains the hardships of more than 550 men who belonged to the US army. Germany surrounded this army completely in the Argonne Forest. Major Charles Whittlesey acted as the leader of the force. This battalion believed that the other American troops and French troops were attacking Germans on different fronts (Hipple 2).

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They never knew that the French and their fellow American forces had retaliated. They lost contact with the headquarters. The major relied on pigeons as the main method of communication. His army ends up outnumbered and trapped in the enemy lines. They had no way to escape and they had limited options. The Germans end up catching up with them, and they captured two soldiers. The Germans captured them and gave them an option to surrender, but Whitselley did not give in (Nix 1).

The movie exhibits high creativity in film making. This makes the movie extraordinary from other war films. There is variable film speed in instances of serious action scenes. It has a pale tint that is common in modern war movies. The movie seems to be chaotic and frenetic. The movie avoids scenarios of a sweeping battle and concentrates on man-to-man combat. Whittlesey presents a talented actor and a leader. The movie depicts him as a brave person who cannot easily give up. The movie portrays him as a determined person who is focused on the course. The movie brings out the theme of struggle for survival (Hipple 2).

One can categorize this movie as one of the most interesting war movies. It plays a significant role in reminding us of the occurrences of World War I. The movie is based on a true story, and this makes it interesting. However, the movie has some flaws. The movie shows some scenarios of man-to-man combat. It illustrates soldiers coming out of the tunnels and engaging each other. This poses a doubt on the veracity of the movie. Such situations rarely occur on the battlefield (Nix 2).

Enemy at the Gates

The movie was directed by Jean Annaud. The stars in the movie include Jude Law, Bob Hoskins, Ed Harris, and Joseph Fiennes. The title Enemy at the Gates originates from the Willima Craigs book Enemy at the Gates. The movie is based on the war stories of Vasily Zaitsev, a Soviet sniper. In 1942, Vasily, a shepherd from the Ural mountains and a soldier in the Red Army, appears on the front lines in a battle. He was sent on a deadly mission against the Germans. The shepherd boy intends to utilize the skills that he had learnt as a shepherd. The problem is that he had little confidence. Danilov encourages him, and he tries to spear propaganda on the courageous boy (Ebert 1).

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He uses his skills to save himself and Danilov. Bob Haskins arrives at Stalingrad, so that he can coordinate the defenses in the city. He demands for ideas that can improve the morale of the soldiers. Senior lieutenant Danilov makes a suggestion that people needed figures to idolize. Both of them are romantically interested in Tania who was a private in the militia. Danilov transfers her from the battle ield to the intelligence unit (Ebert 1).

Vasily gets a transfer to the sniper division, and they become friends with Danlov. The Soviet snipers became a threat to the Germans. The Germans deploys Ed Harris to Stalingrad to deal with Vasily and kill the Soviet morale. Ed Harris was the head of the German Army Sniper School. He was the best sniper and he has much confidence that he will manage to kill Vasily easily (Ebert 2).

He tries to trap Vasili and other two snipers, but they managed to escape. The Red Army dispatches Ron Perlman to assist in killing Konig. Konig tricks him to reveal his mission and kills him. Vasily attempts to ambush Konig, but he fails. He engages the services of a double agent, but Konig discovers this and kills the agent. Vasily finally kills Konig in an ambush with the help of Danilov (Mhaishender 2).

The movie leaves us with a surprise when Rachel decides to fight Germans and decides to take the gun. Her actions and the reasons why she decides to join the army portrays her as a strong character. This makes people embrace her. On the other hand, she finds herself in a dilemma, because Vasily and Danlov are romantically interested in her. The romantic episodes make the movie lively, and one would only laugh at the love triangle created by the actors (Ebert 3).

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This movie is inspired by true occurrences and a love triangle. The movie seems extraordinary, since it does not involve the Americans who always dominate in World War movies. The film makers had the actual facts on how to make a good film. They managed to balance between entertainment and authenticity of the movie. This is very rare with many war movies. They do not rely on hokey photographic effects in creating the story. They just let the individual watch and make personal reflections and imagination. The movie brings a clear picture of the sufferings encountered by soldiers. This indicates how severe the war was (Mhsheinder 1)

On the other hand, I would say that the movie tends to glorify war rather than real history. The inclusion of a love story distorts the real message, which the film meant to deliver. Many critics argue that the movie has many inaccuracies of occurrences. From a practical perspective, it appears hard for the movie to cover all the occurrences that happened so many years ago.


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