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United Nation Historical Evolution

United Nation was formed in 1945 immediately after Second World War with an aim of restoring peace, stability and re-settling post war victims. It was also mandated with the role of settling the Jews who were the major victims of the Second World War and through it efforts it was able to create the nation of Israel in 1957. the role of this important international organization has evolved over the years and it is actively involved in various activities in the world, though it core goal of maintaining peace and stability in the world remains it major activity.

Over the years since formation of UN a number of bodies have been formed which run under the mandate of UN council.  General Assembly is one of the bodies of the United Nation and it composed of representatives from all the member states (Rabinder 34). It is the main deliberative body of the organ. The assembly is mandated with developing legislations and policies aimed at enhancing the running of the organ. The social and economic council is another important body of the council. The body was created by the UN charter with the mandate of coordinating social, economic as well as related activities of the specialized institution and agencies under the organ (Fassabender 112). In order for a motion to be passed in the council a simple majority vote is used where by each and every member state has one vote. International Court of Justice is another UN body which was formed in the recent years. The court is located in Hague, Netherlands. The court has important role to play in legal related matters. The court is supposed to litigate various legal disputes across UN member states. The court has been used to help bring to book those who have been accused of bearing greatest responsibilities in genocides. The court is mainly concerned with dealing with legal disputes relating to boundaries and crimes against humanity such as mass killing, rapes and forceful displacement of people.

Security Council is another crucial body under UN. The council has an important role to play in maintaining world peace, security and stability. The council has over the years mitigated various disputes between nations that has been seen as threat to stability and peace in the world (Noha, 23). It has been responsible with ensuring security of civilians in war torn countries in the world. For instance, the council usually send troops from UN member countries to maintain peace and security in war torn countries and this has been effective in countries such Liberia, DR Congo and others. The Trusteeship Council is another body of UN. The council at its formation was mandated to oversee the formation of 11 States which were to be administered under the supervision of UN (Weiss 56). The council has to change its rules and procedures in order to remain relevant to the organ. Finally, the Secretariat is another important body of the organ, which is supposed to oversee the running of the council on a day to day basis. The council provides the services to various organs of UN for them to run effectively.  The secretariat provides both technical and managerial support to the organ bodies.

From the date of its formation the functions played by UN has been expanded with an aim of meeting the various changes in the world. The council has over the years formed a number of bodies and specialized agencies which have been instrumental in enhancing social, economic and political development in the world (Ziring & Riggs 45).  The evolution of UN over the years can be said as to have increased the effectiveness and efficiency of the organ in performing its mandate.

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