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Exclusionary Rule

Exclusionary rule is a legitimate policy in the United States which was passed in the 1917. It acts to reject evidence o... Details >>

Introduction to Law and Contracts

The following paper examines the business contracts entered into by the General Motors. It also incorporates the essenti... Details >>

Veterans Issues

Veterans of war in the United States have faced a myriad of challenges since the Civil War to date. The problems include homelessness, legal issues, joblessness, and healthcare access (Sagastume, 2011). All these problems are interconnected and need a holistic solutions approach... Details >>

Women's Rights in India and China

Most people separate themselves from the severe reality of what millions have to face every day in different parts of the world. Although, each individual has a right to a secure and happy life, global problems and miseries of nations directly or indirectly influence personal well being of everyone... Details >>

Policy Brief: Rehabilitation

Currently, the level of social disadvantage of the minors remains high throughout the world, as well as in Florida. In particular, one can ascertain the fact of an increase in the amount of violent acts and crimes committed by the young people. Despite the activities aimed at the reduction of the number of incarcerated adolescents with... Details >>

Cyber Rights: Defending Free Speech in the Digital Age

Without a doubt, the issue of cyber rights remains rather actual nowadays. In the contemporary discourse, it engenders a dispute discussion, as this term covers the essential conceptions of interpersonal communication. Specifically, it is worth taking into consideration. Details >>