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Cyber Security

Cyber security is an issue that has attracted widespread attention. The state of affairs is partly caused by the growing influence that advancement in Information Technology has had on the society. On the one hand, technological growth has eased human life... Details >>

Cyber Warfare, the New Face of War that Affects the US

The problem of cyber warfare remains rather controversial in the political context of the modern society. As the United States of America has recently got acquainted with this issue, the government is encouraged to react immediately to the hostile cyber attacks and other... Details >>

Research-Based Essay

The purpose of this essay is to discuss the right of the government to form laws that affect personal lives of citizens. It also studies the adversary effects that any of such regulations and limitations have on the society. The essay specifically considers the problems of gay marriage, abortion and drinking age since the latter are currently the most controversial public issues. Details >>

Family Violence

Running head: INVISIBLE VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE 1. Domestic violence is one the main problems within the criminal justice because of the considerable number of cases and victims who are affected by the continuous threat caused by their family members. The problem is extremely complex and unclear as it is the most underreported type of crime that has gained the proper attention and has been universally recognized only in the last decades Details >>

Criminal Law

Every single day, crimes are committed by people all over the world. There are some crimes that can be perceived as much more deadly than others. For instance, crimes like murder, rape and robbery with violence can be termed as deadly crimes Details >>

Mental Health Disorders

The focus of the chosen sources of information is the link between juvenile detention rates and the youths mental health problems. It is assumed that physical violence and criminal behavior of adolescents may be caused by their mental health problems. While some of the young detainees develop mental health illness because of incarceration, the majority of them already have mental disorders before they are detained Details >>