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Ralph Armstrong Murder/Rape Case Exoneration

Running head: RALPH ARMSTRONG MURDER/RAPE CASE EXONERATION 1. Exoneration occurs when an individual is convicted in a court and is later realized to have been convicted wrongly, and is finally freed. It could be due to availability of new evidence that an individual did not commit a crime Details >>


Courts are central organs of the US executive branches of power, and they play a very important role for the state, as well as for the everyday wellbeing of the people, who live in the country. A court is a governmental organization which has the authority to judge two parties that cannot agree on certain issues Details >>

Communication Process in the Border Patrol

Running head: COMMUNICATION PROCESS IN THE BORDER PATROL 1. One of the key components in every organization is communication, and it can be observed at the level of group behavior. Better understanding of the effectiveness of communication is of utter importance to the overall success of organization Details >>

Criminal justice

1. Criminal law is a branch of law that regulates public relations connected with the commission of criminal offenses, sentencing and application of other measures of the criminal law, establishing the foundation for criminal liability, or exemption from criminal responsibility and punishment. In addition, the criminal law can be understood as a part of legal science, study of the legal industry, as well as an academic discipline that studies the rule of law and general theoretical position Details >>

Policy versus Politics

Take Back the Streets anticrime program has undoubtedly proven its high efficiency. The intentions of the new governor to cancel further promotion of the program should not be allowed in any event, since the positive results that have been already achieved are likely to be forfeited entirely. Besides, the derogation of this campaign is likely to aggravate the criminal situation in the area as well as to derail the electoral support of the newly selected governor. Details >>

Border Patrol Agency

Conflict Management Approaches Used in the US Border Patrol Agency. Conflict Management Approaches Used in the US Border Patrol Agency. Conflicts in the criminal justice systems arise from misconducts by the police personnel and lack of the enhanced technology to fight terrorist attacks within the specific criminal justice unit Details >>