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Poor Families

Being born in underprivileged or poor family does not stop an individual from acquiring a degree in college or university. Knowledge is God given and does not rely on the economic status of an individual. Any person regardless of the financial status or background can acquire a degree and secure competence in the future career Details >>

Maintaining Orders and Qualified Immunity

Running head: MAINTAINING ORDERS AND QUALIFIED IMMUNITY. The main purpose of this paper is to study and analyze the issue of the search and seizure standards when applied to public schools. One of the main topics of discussion concerning the field of students rights and freedoms within the institution is the awareness that any school official has the right to search the students locker without permission or warrant Details >>

College Student

Learning is one of the dreams of individuals today. Every person targets to become a good student, learn well and attain good grades that can enable him or her to be competent in a line of career. Nevertheless, there are different issues that bar individuals from accomplishing this goal and becoming the students they would like to be Details >>

Gang Activities

Running head: LEGISLATION AIMED AT COMBATING GANGS 1. According to Delaney (2013), as national crime rates are declining, gang related activities are increasing. Criminal gangs have been a menace to the safety and security for a long period of time Details >>

Gang Treatment Programs

The issue of gangs is significant in the society in the past two decades. During the period, the number of cities with reported gang problems and members has increased significantly. For example, the number of gang members has increased more than seven times while gangs have increased more than ten times Details >>


In line with sentencing, proportionality is the concept utilized as the criterion of fairness and justice in the process of statutory interpretations. Notably, proportionality is regarded as the logical method that can assist in finding the balance between the corrective measure imposed on a criminal and the nature of the crime committed Details >>