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Violent Crimes

In the contemporary society, people are becoming more prone to keeping their problems to themselves. It also concerns reporting violent crimes to police. In victimology, there various theories about reasons why the majority of people choose not to report on crimes committed against them Details >>

Terror and Terrorism

The statement under discussion is A terrorist is a military operative of a political movement that does not, at the moment of the operation, control any territory. Once a movement controls territory, it becomes the de facto sovereign of that land, and its acts, though indistinguishable in kind from those of a terrorist, must now be considered as the acts of armed forces, not terrorists. Details >>

Issues Facing the Court Administrators

Running head: ISSUES FACING THE COURT ADMINISTRATORS 1. Courts experience a lot of challenges in the process of administering justice today. Some of these issues tend to emerge in courts at the present times and will probably be relevant in the future Details >>

Assignment #2: Internal and External Stakeholders

Running head: INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL STAKEHOLDERS 1. Stakeholders are described as individuals who have an interest or gain or loss effect on the program, project or firm. These people determine the direction of the project, which has been initiated or is being planned Details >>

Plan to Improve Correctional Facilities

Running head: PLAN TO IMPROVE CORRECTIONAL FACILITIES 1. Assignment 2: Plan to Improve Correctional Facilities. Assignment 2: Plan to Improve Correctional Facilities Details >>

Pennsylvania System

Finding the right methods of treating criminals in the prisons is an issue that has been disturbing the society for many years. On the one hand, the main goal is to find the way of influence on their consciousness in order to improve social and moral norms and beliefs. On the other hand, the objective lies in the fact that imprisonment, as punishment for a crime, should be harsh and strict Details >>