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Organizational, Management, And Operations Paper

Running head: ORGANIZATIONAL, MANAGEMENT, AND OPERATIONS PAPER 1. ORGANIZATIONAL, MANAGEMENT, AND OPERATIONS PAPER 4. Policing refers to regulation and control of the affairs of people with respect to sustenance of order, law, morals, and many other safety measures that safeguard the welfare of the public Details >>

Qualitative Research

Ripp is a dangerous drug that has infiltrated the American society. For a short time, the drug makes people feel good, but later, it provokes people to engage in immoral behavior. The President is concerned and appointed a team that would develop policies aimed at combating the problem Details >>

Illegal Drug Consumption

Current trends indicate that the illegal drug consumption in the U.S. is as vibrating as ever despite the efforts made to fight against this grave issue. Recently, another dangerous new drug called "Ripp" has penetrated into the American society Details >>

Observing Skateboarders

In this assignment, I will attempt to study the life of teenage skateboarders to gain insight into the specific kind of lifestyle and culture they have. I had several weeks of observation by studying a group that frequently gathered in an abandoned building located in one of the poorest sections of the town Details >>

Parking Lot

This observation was conducted on a parking lot of a popular shopping mall in the proximity of my house. The observation took close to three hours because I thought that this duration would give me the most accurate data. I chose this location because I wanted to observe human behavior during stressful moments, so I conducted my observation during evening rush hours (between 3 pm to 6 pm) when everybody was in a rush to pick a few items in the mall before they went home Details >>

Example of Interpretive Assignment

The choice of the group of people for the interpretation assignment was difficult due to different limitations. The hardest thing was that the observation had to last for a couple of hours while the real research had to take years. To conduct my observation, I decided to drink some coffee in the nearest cafe Details >>