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Analysis of Films

Question 8

The film Oil, Smoke and Mirrors is focused on the problem of peak oil that might happen. The easy access to cheap energy makes humanity develop in different spheres including industry like agriculture, transportation, and military capability. However, when humanity reaches the maximum supply capacity of oil production, each aspect of human life will be devastated. The evidences for that are the following: less and less oil fields are discovered; people are consuming three times more than the extra oil discovered; demand grows and the supply reduces; 53 countries are physically producing less oil than they have produced in the past. As a result, the speakers interviewed in the movie state that the peak oil will be gradually observed in 2010-2015. Nevertheless, the most serious consequences will be felt after it. It is obvious that there is a strong connection between the economic and energy growth, particularly oil demand and electricity demand. Therefore, the US will suffer from the above mentioned event. Considering the fact that the government realizes it, the speakers referred to September 11 and further events to explain the real situation. According to their point of view, there are numerous evidences that the official version of the 9.11 attacks was a fake enemy creation, demonizing the Islamic group and getting political advantage. The terrorists threat was very conveniently made into a reason to attack Iran and Afghanistan. However, the real reason to attack was developing the military bases in Central Asia for controlling a new oil production region. The invasion of Middle East and the Caspian basin let US hold two most important oil producing regions of a planet nowadays. The 9.11 attacks were contrived to create the war on terror, and not fabricated for the anti-terrorist war, but for the higher aim to secure control of the distribution that would let control the oil industry. Iraq invasion means the immediate control of the second largest deposit of oil. Although some other peaceful ways to adjust to the peak oil like lower oil consumption were discussed in the movie, the choice of the American government appeared to be cruel.


Question 7

The documentary Beyond Our Differences emphasizes the fact that 95% of people believe in the existence of power greater. Therefore, it is essential to emphasize that only the partial glimpse into the eternal and the main moral values should be defined as the things that unite all people of faith together regardless their nations, ethnic group, age or gender. Moreover, it is important that all people share the same aspiration and need to make everyone have a free will, live in peace and stability. However, one cannot neglect that regardless all these common features, people were killed, victimized in the name of God. Therefore, one should pay attention to the fact that the world is largely focused on the negative aspects of contemporary religion, particularly the Western tradition, and not enough on the positive. The religion was widely used by governments of different countries to justify violence and make people obey. Considering the examples of the attitude towards the other religions, the Muslim religion always stands out as not accepted by people of another faith for a great amount of the cruel religious rules. Apart from the attitude towards women that makes them helpless and not deserving respect, it is essential to pay attention to the historically developed aggressive attitude towards the representatives of a different religion. As a result, Muslims are mostly perceived in the modern world as the terrorists. The evidence is that the 9.11 events in the US were very easily perceived by the Americans as the result of the terroristic actions. Moreover, the attitude towards Islamic representatives is very cautious in all spheres of life. As a result, it is important to emphasize that religion is bounded with the understanding of who we are and who the others are. Although the sources of the violent behavior are some sources of human alienation, not all can get rid of the prejudices and treat people of different religions and even races with respect and as equal. The problem is that it is important to remember that love, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance are fundamental values of human beings.

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Question 6

There is no secret that the ecological bankruptcy is a serious problem for all countries. Among the most wasteful, Paul Hawken and many others scientists point out the United States. The high economic development causes not only advantages, but a great amount of the negative aspects that ruin nature and society. Among such, one can find greenhouse gases, vagrant chemicals, radioactive waste, crime, homelessness, drug addiction and many others. Considering the above mentioned facts, it is interesting to pay attention to the ideas of Hawken, who has drawn a parallel between the natural and economic capitals. It is essential to emphasize that his work on natural capitalism and free work environmentalism has many rational ideas. Firstly, the natural systems can really be regarded as the accumulated wealth or renewable and nonrenewable resources. These resources are the income that is got from the healthy environment. Secondly, the natural capital does play a role of a limiting factor for a number of industries. The third important idea is that the environmental wastes should obviously be counted together with the incomes when dealing with the economy growth. Neglecting the wastes would lead to disinformation on the economic and social development of the country. The next essential point is that wasting resources leads to the creation of more jobs. However, maximization of the working forces does not always means wasting. In addition, the reflection on the taxes also has a rational. Finally, the changes offered by Hawken present a new social order that has both advantages and disadvantages. Although his idea that the whole consists of a number of the essential small components is exceptionally correct, some of the details need reconsideration. For instance, his approach lacks the historical evidences. Moreover, it is more likely to describe the ways to save the system instead of offering the alternative of how to exploit the resources. Furthermore, he does not offer whom to condemn in the consequences the humanity has met, but describes these consequences from his own point of view.

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Question 5

To begin with, it is essential to highlight that the United States is considered to be the world leading power already for centuries. Among the aims that the US leaders followed regarding the foreign policy of the country, one should emphasize support of the national prestige, security against the competing capitalist nations, distracting the population from some problems within the country, developing strategic superiority and many others. However, Parenti emphasizes the capitalist interests of the American government as the prior ones. He pointed out that the main ideas of the officials and government members have always been dedication to business and investing classes. This means that nations acted imperialistically not for material motives, but for the ideological and psychic ones. Therefore, the corporate capital accumulation, control of the markets, natural resources, lands and labor should be defined as the main focus of the American politico-corporate elites. Parenti also marked out that they considered it important to prevent the revolutionary populist, socialist or military nationalist regimes in order to exclude the possible appearance of alternative economic systems. As a result, the presented analysis proves the facts that lay on the surface far not always appear to show the real intents of the actions, especially when it goes about the foreign or even domestic policies of the big country. Regular practice of concealing the real plans and lying about the actions are the main obstacles that an average citizen can meet by trying to realize what is really going on. Finally, the interests of transnational corporations and desire to make the safety of the world for free-market imperialism and capitalism should be regarded as the first points to consider when referring to the foreign policy of the US. Moreover, what is not less important, all global policies and actions are always planned and consciously designed no matter how violent or coincident they may seem from the first view. The global military machine serves only the above mentioned issues and can often neglect the moral side of the actions.


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