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Border Patrol Agency

Conflict Management Approaches Used in the US Border Patrol Agency

Conflicts in the criminal justice systems arise from misconducts by the police personnel and lack of the enhanced technology to fight terrorist attacks within the specific criminal justice unit. A wrongful pursuit of individual benefits, favoritism and bias, abuses of power, deceitfulness and neglect of duties among others are the main causes of conflicts as affirmed by Kania (2008, p.169). Alternatively, the US Border Patrol Agency, whose mission is to ensure security in the all the US borders, formulated a new architecture for border management in the year 2011. The information and technology were the centerpieces of the architecture. Their fundamental aim is to effectively clear legitimate immigrants as well as identify terrorists among the huge numbers of persons at the borders. This is effected through the employment of high-tech devices that have the capability of detecting terrorists even before they reach the US border. Some of these devices include biometrics that detects fingerprints and retinal scans. It is affirmed that the biometric information is very useful in distinguishing persons in the event of a terrorist activity (Papademetriou & Collett, 2011, p. 6).


In addition, the US Border Patrol Agency uses a genuine integration of work in order to curb conflicts arising from the poor performance by the workforce. The US-Mexican border, which faced with a terrorist attack in September, 2011, is a good example of the need to have hardworking personnel at the borders. In efforts to manage conflicts at the borders, the management body has offered an additional training to the workforce. This will enable them to be conversant with the recent tactics used by terrorists and drug traffickers. It is noted that drug traffickers hide substances deep within their carriages and sometimes gulp them. An improved training is needed, when the demands of the workplace are high (Kania, 2008, p.171).

The allocation of duties is an aspect carried out by the management body in the US Border Patrol Agency in efforts to detect border agents, who neglect their duties. This is depicted when a certain post is found to have lesser officers compared to the number of agents required to guard that region. A good number of police agents is the best option for curbing terrorist attacks at the borders. Studies indicate that since 2004, the number of border agents has been increased to more than 58,000. This figure has helped to defend the country from terrorist attacks and circulation of illegal drugs. The large numbers of police agents helps to allocate the work. For instance, it is noted that the US Border Patrol Agency has helicopters that help to detect criminals entering the border. Helicopters are encompassed by well trained personnel that use every instant to search for criminals (Papademetriou & Collett, 2011, p. 6).

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The US government has recognized the significance of international cooperation in securing its borders. This is achieved through the unity with police agents from its neighboring countries (Anderson, Den Boer, Den, & Cullen, 1995, p. 53). For example, the majority of drugs trafficked into the US come from Mexico. Mexicos high rate of corruption has enabled a drug circulation to be prevalent in the country. The fact that the drug abuse is prohibited in the US leads to monopoly of the substances. This means that the few drugs in the US are sold at a very high rate. This idea has made it easy for drug traffickers to come up with means that enable their substances to be transferred to the US. This has been a problem to the US Border Patrol Agency, a condition that has pushed them to a union with the neighboring states. The country partners with countries like Mexico and Colorado, which are believed to have the leading numbers of drug traffickers.

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The US Border Patrol Agency has formulated a strategy that is aimed at hindering terrorists and terrorist activities from entering the country. The strategy is focused on establishing and maintaining the operational control at the border. This is believed to manage conflicts through the agents ability to detect, respond and interdict border penetrations in the areas that have for long been used by terrorists to pass their illegal substances like weapons among other terrorist intentions. For instance, the attack of 2011 left the country in a very terrific state. However, it led to the improvisation of technological devices and availability of well trained personnel in the US-Mexican border, which has enabled the prohibition of illegal immigrants in the country. The employment of additional workforce was also carried out after the incident (Ackleson, 2005, pp.165-184).

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Studies have revealed that conflicts in the US Border Patrol Agency arise as a result of the overcrowding state of the patrol space. However, the management has included the idea of increasing the detention and investigation space in the Intelligence Reform Act in efforts to make the enforcement work easy to those performing it. This was after the border agents spelt that immigrants were using the small space of investigation as an advantage to pass illegal substances into the country. Again, it is noted that deceitfulness is a problem that really affects conflict management styles. In order to prevent it from occurring, the management of the US Border Patrol Agency has come up with the ways of digging into the acts of the police officers. Those found to be contacting illegal acts are punished in accordance with the constitution (Ackleson, 2005, pp. 165-184).

Training of the patrol agents is noted to be a key element in managing conflicts in the Border Patrol Agency. Although the practice has been effective in the recent past, I find it to contradict my personal conflict management style from the way it is contacted. It is noted that additional training is accorded to the some officers, while the rest are left to work without substantial knowledge of performance. Alternatively, the issue of excessive investigation in efforts to get the hid substances is a cause of terror. It is noted that one needs to leave their full personal details at the border. Obviously, this is carried out through interrogations, which can lead to the breach of confidential information. Detention, which is carried out to persons, who violate immigration laws, is never followed to the letter. Individuals, who are subjected to apprehension, never get their right to trial, and this can easily create attacks from the home countries of the detained.


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