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City Council Report

This paper analyzes the March 18th Glendale City Council Meeting. The council is made up of four members elected to serve for a period of four year. The city has at-large elections. The city mayor election takes place every five years and enjoys some ceremonial powers. The council members names are Laura Friedman, Ara Najarian, Dave Weaver, Paula Devine, and Zarea Sinanyan as the mayor. This paper will analyze in details two of the motions discussed in the meeting, the participating council members, what they said and my view on the resolutions of the council.

The renewal of the annual subscriptions terms for the mass notification system


The motion to review the subscription terms was moved by Dave Weaver, the Council member, and seconded by another Council member, Paula Devine. The notification system ensures that the city government can seamlessly communicate with citizens and inform them on the city issues. This system uses platforms, such as e-mail, SMS, fax, etc. The motion proposes awarding of the permission to the service provider, Everbridge Inc., so that they can renew the terms that existed for a year and three months, with five optional one-year terms. In the motion, the city showed the amount of money that they plan to spend on the project. They also showed the list of the companys owners.

All the members of the council were in unison in opinions. They all agreed that the company had provided their city with a great technological solution that has changed the people of Glendale. Contributing to the motion, Paula Devine concentrated more on the Emergency Alert Program. She explained how the service had changed the lives of residents of Glendale. The potential of the system to reduce the severity of emergencies was its strongest selling point. She gave an example of the effect that the notification system had during the Wilson Terrace Brush Fire. She said that the ability of firefighters to contain the fire could be relatively fast because of the system. Expounding it, she said that all the firefighters have been concentrating on putting the fire off as compared to trying to contact people in their homes physically to inform them of the danger. She lauded it as a phenomenal tool to the people. She explained that the collaboration with Everbrigde Inc. was an excellent example of great achievements that people have to realize in good public-private partnership, especially in strong democracies like the USA (Shea, Green, & Smith, 2014).

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Ara Najarian, supporting the motion, pointed out the important role that the system played as a pillar to the popular sovereignty principle. He said that the Council members, as elected leaders of people, had the responsibility to ensure that people have an easy and fast access to the relevant information. It was a key responsibility for every leader to ensure that city residents get such access in time. He also informed the council members of the privilege that they enjoyed having had a chance to ensure that such a noble thing continued to be part of the city dwellers lives. He also lauded the move by the Everbridge Inc. to price the system charges low. He noted that most often than not, companies with revolutionary ideas tended to overprice their services when dealing with governments. They do so believing that politicians running the government want to milk the political capital on offer to the last drop.The capital comes from the opportunity to tell the electorate that they were responsible for bringing the benefits.

Analyzing the system, I think that it is a good thing. The council has already agreed to pay for something that is working. The people of the city are celebrating the effect the council has on their lives. As a council elected democratically, its members have the responsibility to give the city residents the services that they deserve. I also believe that political backlash on the council members was that they were not to pass the motion that would be too much for them. The best thing that I noted about the system is its ability to zone areas and send information that is relevant to a specific neighborhood. I believe that the council did the Glendale citizens justice of this one.

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Glendale Pavement Management System

The city of Glendale proposed to have a company to manage its pavements and streets. The motion on the floor was to allow the City Manager to execute an agreement between the city and a firm known as Omnis Inc. The agreement would allow Omnis Inc. to develop, implement, and be responsible for all the maintenance of the citys pavements. It would also allow the Council to move money from the State Gas Tax Mandates bank account into the Glendale Pavement Management System (GPMS). The move would make the company responsible for the maintenance to have access to a sizeable amount of money to implement its plans. The motion was moved by Weaver and seconded by Najarian. All the members of the Council passed the motion.

While moving the motion, Dave Weaver explained what the city of Glendale was gaining from having a GPMS. He noted that since the city introduced the specialized focus on the road maintenance in mid-2000s, the standard of streets and pavements had improved. The improvement was noted, even though there was a reduction in the amount of money set aside for pavements development. The passing of the motion would see the company responsible for the road care, especially if all this will not exceeding $67,000 for a modest budget of money. Dave Weaver finished by noting that Glendale was among the best cities in California on the bases of the Pavement Condition Index (PCI). The citys PCI put it at position four on a list of cities in the California statewide.

While seconding the motion, Najarian appreciated the position of the city, especially given its proximity to California and, therefore, its higher traffic numbers. He encouraged the council to take advantage of federalism in the US that allows people of states, cities, and counties to compete in a healthy manner by offering services to people. He also noted that due to the collective actions of problem residents of Los Angeles who continue using their streets and accelerate their damaging. However, he noted that they cannot stop from offering better services to the residents of Glendale because of that (Shea, Green, & Smith, 2014). Any move that aims at saving the tax payers money is worth being lauded. I feel that the city is doing a great job trying to offer good road connection to the people and being innovative to ensure value for money.

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In conclusion, the city councils play an important role in ensuring the cities residents have the amenities that they desire. In democracies like the United States, the political systems put in place ensure that citizens get the best individuals to sit in the councils. The city of Glendale has a council that seems to have the interest of people at heart. However, with everybody supporting the proposed motions, an important part of democracy is missing. That part is opposition. Even though my paper analyzes only one meeting, the lack of a single dissenting voice causes concern. Democracy thrives when there are people who keep the leaders on their toes and ensure that they perform their tasks.


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