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Learning is one of the dreams of individuals today. Every person targets to become a good student, learn well and attain good grades that can enable him or her to be competent in a line of career. Nevertheless, there are different issues that bar individuals from accomplishing this goal and becoming the students they would like to be. As a person, I am not exceptional. I would wish to become a good learner who performs well in my studies. I would wish to attain my vision of being a competent professional in the future. This paper will focus on the college student I would like to become. It will also discuss how early education affected my current mindset.

I would wish to be a decent student who has the ability of innovating to be able to accomplish my goals. At the same time, proper exploitation of study material is another issue that I would like to acquire as a college student. I would also like to be a creative college student who can be able to analyze study materials and come up with personal ideas that can make my course easier. As a college learner, I would wish to be a principled person who does not get influenced by the social or political environment from my background, college environment, or in the country. However, there are issues that get into my way and prevent me from becoming a student I would like to become. The first issue is an influence from the political arena of the country. Bearing in mind that college students are adults who understand the politics of the land, the politics within the school and the country affect my learning. Most of the students take sides in the political field and influence others to take sides and discuss politics instead of concentrating on studies. I am a victim of this influence a factor that minimizes my time for studies. Another thing that gets into my way is the consideration of my social background. I was born in an underprivileged family where I could not get enough facilitates that are required for early development. This issue bars me from acquiring full concentration in my studies. Engaging in relationships also bars me from becoming a student I would like to become. On attaining puberty, I started engaging in love relationships even while in school. This factor has contributed towards barring me from attaining a goal of becoming a student I would like.

My early education contributed towards my current mindset. Since I was born in an underprivileged family, my parents could not take me to a good school. As a result, the school that I attended was not equipped enough to enable students acquire enough skills to become competent in their college life. The school lacked some facilities such as libraries and laboratories that assist students to gain competence and become prepared to handle learning challenges in the future. In addition, it is in my early education system that I adapted some of the issues that affect my current mindset. For instance, I started engaging in love relationships during my high school education. However, since I am determined to become a good student and be a competent professional in the future, I am working on the challenges to make sure that they will not prevent me from attaining my goals.

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My parents are supportive towards my learning. They have always given me all that they can afford to make sure that I acquire good grades in my education. It is unfortunate that because of their parents economic status, they could not manage to acquire high education such as degrees or diplomas since their parents could not afford this. For this reason, it has been their dream to give to me what they could not acquire from their parents because of their social and economic status. In addition, it has been my parents idea that the most valuable item I can inherit from them is education. They have always enlightened me about the importance of education and cautioned me that without education I can be useless. Their worlds and encouragement influenced my decision to join a college and earn a degree and become a professional. Despite the shortcomings that I encounter in my college life, my parents offer their support, guidance and counseling to assist me overcome the challenges. They have enlightened on the importance of education and they are determined to make a successful person out of me.

Personal experiences have also shaped my education up to this level. At my age, I have been keen and observant to understand the social status of different individuals in the society. I have learnt that most of the successful individuals in the society are those who did well in their college life. By doing well, I mean acquiring good grades and keeping far from ill morals. Moreover, I have also learnt that most of the successful leaders in the political arena are the people who were successful in their education. In addition, parents who acquired good education such as degrees, earn good salaries and are able to support their families. These personal experiences motivate me to work hard to be able to acquire good grades and secure a good future. The personal experiences have affected my mindset while in college since I am now aware that by the time I finish my college course, I will have marked a change in my life. In other words, to me success in college life means success in the future.


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