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Criminal Law

Every single day, crimes are committed by people all over the world. There are some crimes that can be perceived as much more deadly than others. For instance, crimes like murder, rape and robbery with violence can be termed as deadly crimes. However, biblically, a crime is seen as a crime no matter how small or big the crime might be. In the Bible, we are told that each crime will be punished. In the same way when a person commits a crime punishment is required for the crime committed.

It is a common knowledge that where there are a lot of people, conflict is bound to arise. Therefore, the most likely thing to do is to form or make rules and laws that govern peaceful existence of every individual. It also appears very true that God Himself also had this concept in mind that is why He also created rules and laws that govern mankind. In the same way, different countries and different states have developed their laws and rules. Criminal laws, therefore, exist to try and maintain order and lay down what punishments are necessary for criminal acts. However, there appear to be some Christians who are involved in covert action. These Christians face quite a number of challenges.


Covert action generally involves a lot of lies. Some appear to be violent while others are not. For instance, a government that desires to have influence on another countrys politics can secretly start funding the opposition party, thereby having influence on the countrys election. Another example of covert action is by employing newspaper reporters who appear to be foreign to write and report propaganda that actually is not true but you want people to believe it, or by bribing newspaper editors to allow them air articles and stories that are cooked by intelligence organizations specifically for propaganda purposes (Grady, 2005).

Christians involved in this covert action face major challenges because Christianity does not encourage lies but truth. Therefore, spreading of these propagandas would only mean that they are going against their religion. Christianity involves compassion. Trying to manipulate someone into taking a blame for a crime they did not commit goes against one of the Ten Commandments given by God to Christians. In doing so, they would be seen to be accusing people falsely. This is a crime punishable by Gods laws. It is, therefore, very clear that those Christians in covert action appear to be undergoing a lot of challenges and it would not be surprising to see them either renounce Christianity or quit their jobs.

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HUMINT officer or human intelligence officers require various special attributes. This type of intelligence appears to be the oldest in the intelligence disciplines. HUMINT officers are required to be people of the best personal qualities. They should come out as mature and have some experience. They also should have knowledge on the areas where they will be collecting their data. Moreover, these officers should be able to demonstrate leadership qualities and have courage because they will be asking different questions to different people. They should also exhibit the quality of perseverance because they would appear to be facing various challenges and various conditions in their lines of duty (Wayne Michael Hall, 2012).

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There appears to be a relationship between law enforcement and intelligence. When people concerned with intelligence collect their information, what do they do with it? They just do not collect information especially on matters of security and then sit on it. No, they take action by informing the law enforcement officers who carry out the necessary action to aid the security of the country. In most cases, the law enforcement officers tend to rely on intelligence in the betterment of their performance. It becomes easy to react to information that has already been proven by the intelligence (Jennifer E. Sims, 2005).

In a way, it seems like the law enforcement officers depend on the intelligence for information. Another relationship between these two can be seen in their purpose or duty. They both appear to be involved with protection and security of the country. They work together to ensure that the elements that tend to threaten the security of the country are dealt with.

Even though working with foreign intelligence services has advantages, it also has its own share of problems or disadvantages. One disadvantage is that there will appear to be conflicting interests. Foreign intelligence may provide other countries with critical and sensitive information about the U.S. or at times would decide to be loyal to their own country and decide to withhold critical and sensitive information.

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Another problem that may arise while working with foreign intelligence appears to be hostile collection. Foreign intelligence may attempt or desire to gain the U.S information or insight by means of covert or overt.

Working with foreign intelligence also may have a problem of poor information gathering. It is always clear that the information or the work you have done by yourself appears to be much truer and more reliable than the information gathered by someone else or work done by someone else. In the same way, foreign intelligence may use methods of gathering information that appear to be less rigorous. This would be seen as a problem because the United States will appear to be fed information that is quite challenging to work with. Another problem experienced while working with foreign intelligence can be seen as their moral hazards. These members of foreign intelligence may appear to be tempted to use illegal means to obtain intelligence. These unethical methods and activities tend to give the country a wrong image and people might believe that it is the U.S that ordered such methods to be used (Rosenbach, 2009).


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