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Example of Interpretive Assignment

Research Context

The choice of the group of people for the interpretation assignment was difficult due to different limitations. The hardest thing was that the observation had to last for a couple of hours while the real research had to take years. To conduct my observation, I decided to drink some coffee in the nearest cafe. I believed that the diversity can be observed only in crowded places and I wanted to absorb as much information as possible without any additional attention. I decided that the lunchtime would be perfect for my observation; therefore, I went to the cafe at 12 p.m. I thought that one hour will be enough, but I stayed here for 2 hours and left with a feeling that I wanted more time for my assignment. I chose the observation of relationships because I have always wanted to understand how different people cooperate to reach certain goals together. Additionally, the treatment of one another was significant for me, and it was interesting to know if I can differentiate whether people love each other or not.


Summary of Observations

The first thing that I mentioned in the cafe was the face of the waiter. She was asking different things and tried to smile, but it was already a lunchtime so she felt a little bit exhausted. She took the order and went out for ten minutes. I noticed a couple who tried to solve some issue in the chosen physical environment. They had been fighting for about 20 minutes in total, but they did not speak loudly. I could only see their body language and the offensive action of the man whose eyes were easy to observe. Moreover, I could see that the woman was confidently sitting in front of him, listening to his speech. I could not understand what they were saying to each other, but I felt shame and anger. The man somehow made the woman feel bad and lowered her self-confidence. After some time, he stopped and went to the bathroom. She could not see him picking up the phone, smiling, and biting his lip, but I could.

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The next couple sitting next to me seemed to be in love. I could shortly observe their movements because I did not want to embarrass them. However, I noticed that they were kissing too much in a public place. I have always wanted to know what people feel when they behave in such a way and to observe the reaction, being far away from them. I noticed that the man was constantly looking somewhere else during the kiss. He did not share the woman's pleasure, but he was constantly smiling when they were talking to each other. People around them turned in another direction as soon as they saw them kissing. It seemed that such public affection confused them because their reaction was strange. They could not continue to do same things and felt uncomfortable because some of them expressed disgust on their faces.

Another couple, which I observed, was parents with a boy sitting near them. The child was constantly playing with something either it was a package of tobacco or an empty cup. The couple was smiling, they were young and happy, and the man was always hugging his wife. Their body language was smooth and calm. In contrast, another couple with three kids was sitting three tables behind them. Nervous mother and father were constantly yelling at their children. There were no feelings between the two, as they never looked each other in the eyes or smiled. Their moves were sharp and their voices were too loud. Over the top of that, I also saw a couple of old people who were just eating and talking about something common without any additional expression of emotions.

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Interpretive Argument

I discovered that people do not understand how to react and adjust to a particular situation. However, the most important thing that I realized during the experiment is that everybody lies, and there are no limitations to that concept, except for the real love.

The first couple was the most memorable because I could say that the man cheated on his partner but did not want to be blamed for unfaithfulness. Rather, he wanted to make his girlfriend responsible for their problems. I could say that he blamed her and tried to separate from his partner as soon as possible to return to his current woman. There was no love, but the actual relationship, at least at the end of it, was built on a constant lie. He was already dating the woman on the other side of the phone for a long time because he would never end the relationship with current one without a potential to find a better partner.

Furthermore, there was a couple with a man who kissed his girl too much. I believe that his needs were physiological and there was no love involved. He just wanted to have an intimate relationship with the woman while lying to her about his happiness. The constant lie here would result in the same relationship as the previous couple had. Otherwise, it could last longer until they would be those parents with three children without any feelings to each other.

On the other hand, I could say that other two couples proved the existence of love because they did not lie in their emotions. Therefore, the young couple will be a happy family and, after some time, they will be like the old couple who went through the whole life together.

To summarize the issue, I would say that there is no person in the world who does not lie at all. However, the only thing that can make people express real emotions without any lie is the real love. It is important to build the relationship on trust and honesty to be happy and have a long-lasting relationship.


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