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Family Violence

Invisible Victims of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one the main problems within the criminal justice because of the considerable number of cases and victims who are affected by the continuous threat caused by their family members. The problem is extremely complex and unclear as it is the most underreported type of crime that has gained the proper attention and has been universally recognized only in the last decades. This type of violating people within any type of intimate relationship such as marriage, family ties, and other close relationships may have different forms, and it may occur in all social groups. It is also important to mention that any person, regardless of gender, social position, or age, may suffer from family violence. However, the most severe harm is done to children who participate in the domestic violence and get not only physical harm, but also serious psychological trauma for their entire life. The formation of the young personality is highly influenced by such issues and therefore, the vicious circle of family violence may occur as the young people become affected by and may act in the same violent way in their future adult life. The problem of domestic violence and the harm it does to children is studied and analyzed in the article The Invisible Victims of Domestic Violence written by John McCarthy and Angela Alsobrooks in The Washington Post.


The definition of the family violence that can be found in the contemporary popular media represents the problem as the one of the most important existing problems within the American society. Today, we can see that media defines family violence as the problem that may occur in any type of families regardless of the location, financial situation of the family, religion, race, age, and other factors. Also, more explicit definition underlines the cases that may occur in the husband-wife or couple relationships, and the problem is usually regarded as the violence towards women. However, we can see the implicit dimension of the notion that also shows the growing number of cases that touch male members of the couple as well as children who witness or participate in the family violence. In addition, a lot of cases show that respected and honorable society members, as well as celebrities, are also affected by the problem that puts it on the new scale.

Within the article, the special attention is paid to the harm done to children and the future consequence of family violence affecting the young members of the contemporary society. According to the article, the amount of people who have been affected by the family violence in the young age is really big and it is growing steadily every year. The authors find it important to underline the fact that boys who have witnessed domestic violence are more likely to abuse their future partners, children, and other family members. It shows the level of harm done to children and the danger which is caused by the family violence that may highly impact the future generations. In addition, this fact shows one of the main consequences of the stable growth of cases of family violence that may occur within the criminal justice sphere.

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To support the presented ideas and proposals, the authors show the example of harm caused by the family violence. The offender, Jeremiah Sweeney, a 24-year-old man, has been arrested for shooting that has resulted in death of one person and serious damages for the other three victims. The reputation of the criminal can be seen in the 25 previous contacts with the criminal justice representatives. The following detailed analysis of the offenders personality and police investigations have showed that the criminal has frequently witnessed severe family violence. Although there is no acceptable level for the family violence, the offender has underlined that the domestic violence he has witnessed is not similar to the common cases that the criminal justice representatives work with. The offender has been sentenced to 30 years imprisonment, but the real solution to the problem lies in reducing the harm done to children witnessing the family violence.

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The article represents the idea that the high crime commitment rates can be reduced by the serious work done in the sphere of family crime and especially, working with children. One of the practical solutions to the situation is the innovations within the legislation area. In particular, the Committing a Crime of Violence in the Presence of a Minor Act that has been accepted by the General Assembly in Maryland is regarded as the first step and a perfect example to follow in the sphere. The act that is setting the new system of punishments for the offenders who commit the crime of family violence in the presence of children may highly improve the situation.

The idea represented in the article is reasonably good as the effectiveness of the new bill as a tool to diminish the family crime commitment towards children in any possible forms is proven by the results of the Act accepted in Maryland. The idea is extremely effective for the problematic sphere it concentrates on and moreover, it is useful for the whole criminal justice as it potentially reduces the amount of all crime commitments. The idea represents potential positive implications for the criminal justice as it helps to prevent the future crime commitment by all representatives of the society. People who witness the family violence get serious psychological trauma that may result in any other type of crimes that are committed by people with serious mental trauma.


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