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Hacked off campaign successes and failures

Hacked Off campaign is a campaign that aimed to reduce and end the press abuses and misuse of journalists. The campaign is aimed at igniting the press reform process and enhancing good relationship between different government and private bodies. Hacked Off history events try to examine and determine why the attempts to reform the media have always failed and advocated for change. The press was used to cover up scandals related to phone hacking and illegal practices. The press and news articles lied to hide dishonest acts of violating ordinary peoples right by influential people, police and politicians. This Hacked Off campaign, founded by Martin Moore, was to inquire, investigate and recommend the instances of phone hacking and motives behind them. It is a new revelation of immoral actions and corrupt cases in dealing with news, broadcasting and publishing. The Hacked Off campaigns report revealed hypocrisy in journalism, corruption and lack of honesty in the press practitioners.



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Supporters of Hacked Off campaign promoted and ensured a thorough scrutiny of the matters and detailed report on the practices. Hacked Off campaign formed a committee to start public inquiry on the relationship between the press and politicians, police and members of the public. The campaign made a good development because it attracted the interests of other private individuals to come ahead to support the campaign. The leadership of this campaign facilitated people to give information on the past corrupt press humiliations of their rights in the argument of press victims. Many people lost their jobs, got intimidated by journalists who looked for personal information. Good management of the campaign strategies ensured great success in influencing people to support the campaign.

The Hacked Off campaign was able to reach its target through the name, momentum, message and mass. These are the main strategies that the campaign applied in order to reach the target audience. The first strategy was through choosing a name that was easy to memorize and not easy to forget. The message of their agenda was clear to the audience and campaign in general won public support as proofed by the guardian in their polls. The campaign was also sent on a good momentum. It occurred since the campaign was set up at the height of the hacking scandal in 2011 and took advantage of the timing to gain momentum. Mass public engagement was another upper hand in the campaign. It is because the campaign was supported by many prominent people, such as businessmen, members of parliament and artists. The use of social media, such as Twitter, enabled effective reach of general public at a cheaper and reliable method. Members of the team are also believed to have a wide range of skills. The team comprised of experts who understood the campaign and its effects.

Another good move was inclusion of influential people who had undergone phone hacking and other press misconducts. Celebrities, very influential and important people joined and supported the campaign, which boosted it. The call of advocates of private bodies, like Charity Phoenix, and involvement of influential directors contributed to the success of the campaign. The growing population supporting this campaign ensured good response from the government leaders and politicians who also call for change. The leaders realized loopholes in the world news and other press misconducts and advocated for changes in the media and press in particular. The help of the government leaders promoted the fight to end the influence of press on the individuals like police officers and politicians. It was a great boost to the campaign because leaders advised the prime minister to form an Inquiry Panel to carry out the investigation. The prime minister appointed and announced the chairperson of the Inquiry by the name of Lord Justice Leveson and other members of the Panel. It was a great development towards achievement of illegal practices in the press. The introduction of Twitter account to inform people on the development was a good communication tool. Members of different fraternities follow the campaign through the daily notifications of the campaign achievements to end the press abuse of peoples rights in order to create stories.

The appointments by the prime minister encouraged the founders of Hacked Off campaign. The chairperson Lord Justice Brian Leveson encountered drawbacks from the well-known names from police and politicians who intended to stop him. The judge was focused and strong to overcome the intimidation. He helped the Panel proceed with the task assigned to the group. The supporters of Hacked Off campaign gave assurance of great success to the Panel by recruiting other members of society to join the fight against malpractices in the press. The morale and spirit of campaigners of the program helped to gather information from low and high class society members that showed the truth about the claims of hypocrisy in press. The campaign received a significant support from members of the public, who were willing to volunteer and promote the campaign.

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The Inquiry Panel was given the power by the prime minister to investigate and obtain witnessing from victims of press in oral and documented ways. Lord Justice Brian Leveson welcomed potential witnesses to make statements and provide relevant documents that gave a boost towards the issue. The collection and obtaining of witnesses ensured good handling of information, and it attracted different people to come forward and witness. The powers of the Panel were exercised in a good way and helped to promote the campaign because many trusted good results from the recommendation by the Panel. The voluntary action of diverged society members was a credit to the Hacked Off campaign. The campaigners had a good spirit to facilitate voluntary giving of personal accounts on mistreatment from the media, news broadcasters and press in general. The collection of evidence also called the independent journalists, news, magazine and paper editors, who criticized misconducts and unethical practices from a section of press. The Panel asked press to retrieve old newspapers and magazines to find out the facts on the claim from the witnesses. In some instances the Panel had required to investigate magazine proprietors, editors and journalists to find out the root of illegal practices from the press. The Panel looked and reviewed the relationship of the press and politicians, police, and private individuals.

Another good praise for the campaign was how the campaign processes the call for free contribution to the issue. The Hacked Off campaign welcomed contribution of any willing society member regardless of his or her status to contribute to the fight against corrupt morals in the press. The leaders of the campaign convinced both the leaders of the state and society members to adopt the campaign to bring change to the press. The strategy to convince the states leaders was a big triumph to the campaign, and it generated a good response to the prime minister. It was an effort to bring change to the press and end cover-ups of criminal action by a small section of journalists. The announcements made by the prime minister were a big achievement to the founders of Hacked Off campaign, and they deserved the praise of the leaders of the campaign.

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Some victims of the press abuse through hacking of personal data in emails and during phone calls have criticized the level of campaign. Some argued that statements of the prime minister were weak and could deter the campaign activities. David Cameron could have been open enough to reassure the interested parties that he is committed to implement the recommendations that Lord Justice Leveson would provide. The campaigners could have asked the prime minister to clarify his stand on the issue and it would have promoted support of the campaign. The campaign could have been boosted if the legislature formed a statute to provide independent regulator of the press. It was a drawback for the fight for free press activities. It is not clear where the leaders get the funds to cater for the campaign activities, and it was not received in a good way from the public. The leaders should have emphasized transparency of the funding source, whether it was through contribution of organizations. Lack of transparency might have been a big disadvantage to the campaign because people could fear of personal motives toward the campaign from the founders. Although the Hacked Off campaign project had positive results, many people do not believe that the recommendations and proposals given were satisfactory to address the issue. People argue for deep investigation and campaigns to convince prime minister to act on the recommendation. The meeting with three political leaders was held in secret, and it made an impression that there was a hidden agenda between the politicians and campaigners. Why would they hold a good intention campaign meeting in secret? This question, together with unlimited information sources of celebrities and leaders they meet and talk to, may have been a turn-off for many people to support the campaign.

This campaign was too secretive regarding their meetings. This factor gave an impression that the campaign had a hidden political agenda. If this campaign targeted to benefit the general public, there would be no need for secrecy since public agendas will at last be known by all citizens. The source of the campaigns income was also kept a secret, a factor that proofs that the campaign relied on some few persons who intended to gain. The campaigners enjoyed too much influence. Their slogan suggested that attempting to hold David Camerons government as a hostage is threatening to delay registration in economic reform. This slogan indicated that the campaign enjoyed a lot of influence over the parliament.

In conclusion, it is clear that families have been abused, and lives ware put into risks by the press finding stories, and there is a need to end and change it. The Hacked Off campaign is a good way to convince political leaders to help develop the law to regulate the press. Misconducts and external influence to cover up crimes against human rights should be brought to end.



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