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Introduction to American Government

Introduction to American Government



I am a forward-looking person who will help to lead the country in order to achieve a new transformation, economic growth, and technological advancement. I think I am the best choice considering my age and experience in government. I was elected to the Senate at the age of 35 years; for 10 years I have been able to fight for the various bills in the Senate. In the upcoming elections, the youthfulness and relative experience would be a central advantage helping me to excel in my campaign (Geer, Schiller, & Segal, 2013). Based on my experience and strength, I would like to announce my presidential candidature for 2016 elections.

I have served as a senator for 10 years and was a speaker of the New York House of Representatives. I possess a strong academic record with political experience and understanding. In the late 1990s, I served as a commissioner and was later elected to serve in the New York House of Representatives. I was elected to the US Senate after the resignation of Albert Meek where I won with 48 per cent having no party affiliation. This indicates that people trusted me as well as highlighted my ability to represent the constituency of the U.S. Senate.

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Being at the post of a senator, I have made significant contributions to improve the lives of Americans. For instance, I voted against the Budget Control Act of 2012 that included compulsory cuts to be obtained from sequestration. I also rejected the 2012 Fiscal Cliff resolutions that was aimed at introducing new taxes for small business owners as well as reducing the benefits to employees (Smith, 2012). During my senatorial tenure, I have served the people of New York well and was ready to serve the entire nation at large.

My domestic policy will include a health care reform program that will reduce the costs of health care for the citizens. My environmental policy is to develop a legislative framework to preserve the nation from the economic risks associated with overreliance on foreign oil and destabilization effects of climate changes. In order to promote energy and climate changes, it is possible to enhance economic recovery strategies and develop clean energy. In addition, I will promote the education programs to ensure that every child has access to competitive education. In contrast, my opponent has not clearly indicated his education program for the nation. Most importantly, I will stimulate the economy recovery in order to reduce the increased economic crisis.

Considering my strong oppositions for the current foreign policy, I will refine the Foreign Relations Committee to create strong international relations with various countries. Having worked in the Foreign Relations Committee in the last 7 years, I understood the nature of forming international relations. Most importantly, I will take the opportunity of the compelling personal narrative about the hardships imposed by the current government. Compared with other candidates, I am the only candidate with a profound experience and ability to work on the foreign policy issues in the United States. It is important for me to improve human rights across the world since I understand the struggles and problems faced by the citizens.

In addition, I have worked with various international organizations to provide humanitarian assistance to people affected by crises in Haiti. For instance, I have sponsored many bills towards reducing the aggression of Russia against Ukraine. Also, I also think that the current government has not made much effort in handling the threats of ISIS in the Arab countries. I will adopt strict measures to ensure that ISIS and other terror groups wont become security threats to our nation. It is significant to deal with the ISIS and other terror groups in order to promote the global security (Mayhew, 2014). Another major foreign issue I am going to address is the Iran ideas that restrict the nation from obtaining nuclear weapons. Iran should be forced to eliminate any nuclear weapons and prototypes under their custody since such nuclear weapons create adverse security concerns for the entire world. I have engaged in weekly briefings on foreign policy activities with experienced advisors in the party who approve my ability to deal with the international concerns across the globe.

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In the upcoming party nomination, I have a strong feeling that I will win the primaries over my party opponents. This is because the public has expressed its support for my presidential candidature in the upcoming elections in 2016. Peoples support has improved my odds in the last 2 months with close to 20 per cent increase in my supporters. In addition, more than half of the Republican senators have expressed their support for my candidature due to my experience and understanding of the political world.

Speaking about my opponent Jimmy Carter, I would like to appreciate his desire to serve the American people. However, Mr. Carter lacks experience in dealing with foreign policy issues as well as making political decisions. Carter running on a Democratic Party nominations implies his poor political and ideological understanding. The Democratic Party lacks a clear political agenda for the American people. For his entire life, Carter has served in companys leadership and management that are not useful in leading a nation. In his presidential speech, he claimed to reduce taxes which appears to be an unrealistic policy due to the adverse economic deficits in the country.

With my political and foreign policy experience, I will steer the country to a new dawn of economic prosperity and growth. Moreover, I promise to expand the investment and production activities in the country by offering incentives and reducing the cost of running business in the country. The strategy would help create more than 2 million jobs within 2 years. This would also assist in ensuring that the current economic deficits do not exceed the targeted limits. In spite of all, I served in various Senate committees where I learned how to deal with various government concerns. My Republican Party has developed a strategic political agenda of the nation that would see a clear transformation of the country within the next four years (Schubert, Dye, & Zeigler, 2015). Most importantly, I understand that the American people need a clear political agenda for every candidate. The media and other social organizations would help to increase my chances to get into the highest office in the country based on my political agenda for the nation.

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In summary, I believe I am the best-placed presidential candidate for the upcoming elections in 2016. I express my sincere commitment and focus to improve the economy and transform the country to a new level. My healthcare and economic reform programs as well as labor regulation policies will contribute to the domestic policy for the benefit of the citizens. I have a wide experience in foreign relations. I will develop strong foreign policies and strategies to position the nation in a better place in the world. While my opponent lacks experience and clear political agenda to drive the economy, I have presented a clear strategic political agenda of the nation that is useful to transform the nation in the next four years.


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