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Plan to Improve Correctional Facilities

Plan to Improve Correctional Facilities

This essay provides an impression and features that population with special needs encounters. It is vital for every community to outline special needs of their people and how to attend and prepare for those needs. The essay delivers pertinent regulation and facts to upkeep forecast for all the encounters, and more sources of data on this subject. This paper, Plan to Improve Correctional Facilities, discusses shortcomings of individuals with special needs and key problems in corrections. It provides public and local disaster planners, government officers, and groups that deal in hardship response with basic tools and practices in order to include individuals who have special needs in their proposal. This document is meant to aid in raising an assisting strategy that joins the harmonization of public capitals to meet the conditions of individuals with special needs. The paper also emphasizes on the importance of offering for individuals with special needs the needed assistance.


People Living with Disabilities

The clarity of special needs diverges from one society to another. In simple terms, the phrase refers to individuals faced by different challenges and requires attention. The Americans with Disability Act is an act that categorizes people with disabilities as a protected group. A person is termed as somebody with a disability if he or she has a mental or bodily disfigurement that bounds a main life activity. A disabled person can also be depicted if he or she has records of such an injury. Medical officers refer them as parties whose needs are not addressed by ordinary service providers. These people encompass of individuals who are tangibly or mentally incapacitated. They embrace the deaf, blind, hard-of-hearing, mobility limitations and cognitive disorders. Disaster agencies also include: geologically or morally solitary people, chemically or medically dependent, frail/elderly, and the homeless. People with disabilities are a vital and hefty part of the population. When handling people with disabilities, many factors should be put into consideration. The levels of understanding include how one can move a person in a wheelchair. Disabilities do not depend on age, since people of all ages suffer from disabilities.

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Nursing homes, drug treatment centers, assisted living centers, group homes, foster homes, and residential homes, offer support and assistance to disabled. Emergency board, transport, and other similar agencies such as Para transit, ambulate, and nongovernmental organizations should offer consideration to caring for the disabled. Correctional amenities manage the welfare of the disabled population. It is essential for every community to resolve how to describe special needs for their society and how to plan and address the issue. Special need is an annoying term to the disabled community, so the society should minimize its usage. This paper regarding special needs defines people with disabilities beyond age spectrum. The notion of this function-based tactic to approach special needs people assist public to handle subjects in improvements for the identified target population.

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People living with disabilities are faced with many challenges. In a place of work, some are not able to use available facilities because of their condition. For instance, it is not easy for a person whose legs are physically crippled to use an ordinary toilet. Another common challenge that affects the disabled is communication. Communication is a basic requirement in life. However, many disabled people cannot express themselves well. This is a result of poor knowledge of the public about nonverbal communication and, in some cases, the nature of disability. Lack of attention is another challenge that people living with disabilities face. This occurs since these people are not taken into consideration during construction of houses, roads and other technical goods, such as vehicles. In most cases, there are no special services for people with special needs. These challenges together with others can be termed as encounters for tackling those needs in corrections.

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Key subjects in rectification for the identified target population include effective community corrections programs. The general public should be educated on matters that affect this group of people. They should be taught on how to handle them and assist whenever necessary. The public should also be taught nonverbal languages. This can assist the general public to be able to communicate with the disabled without difficulties. Initiation of education programs is another key matter in adjustments for the identified target population. Education programs should be introduced in schools addressing how to handle the disabled. Nonverbal language should also be a part of the school curriculum. The disabled should also be taught on how to address other people in the society, as well as to know methods of communication. They should also be taught on how to handle the facilities that are at their capability (Uggen Manza, & Behrens 2004). Mental and physical health care are other key concerns in improvements for the identified target population. These are the institutions that have the specialists with the knowledge to attend to people with disabilities. These institutions should be funded by the government to enable them to offer these services free. The institutions should also assist the public to understand the special needs of the disabled and how to offer help.

In conclusion, people living with disabilities are a part of the society and should be addressed as important as other people. Mental and physical health care facilities should be built in all corners of the country. They should be charged affordable fees or be funded by the government to offer free services. Attention to the people with special needs should be put as a part of the school program to enable children to grow considering the disabled important. This can also educate the public on how to handle people with disabilities.


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