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Poor Families

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Poverty Verses College/University Education

Being born in underprivileged or poor family does not stop an individual from acquiring a degree in college or university. Knowledge is God given and does not rely on the economic status of an individual. Any person regardless of the financial status or background can acquire a degree and secure competence in the future career. This paper will focus on poverty in relation to acquiring a degree in a university or a college. It will evaluate the topic through a conversation between two people who were arguing about the topic.

Shadhan: Individuals who were unlucky to be born in poor families are destined to live in poverty. Today, education is the key to success. How unlucky are they? They cannot even manage to secure a degree in a university or a college. The price of education is too high today for them to manage to pay the fees, other requirements and be able to continue with their lives. If they ask for my advice, I can advise them to focus on other issues in life that are not too demanding. They should just go to the rural areas and search for odd jobs as farm workers or stay in urban centers and specialize in jobs that match their status.

David: My brother, I was born in underprivileged family. I know you are not referring to me, but I would like to help you to view things in the right way. We study in the same class handling the same majors. However, I have always performed better than you and other students who possess the same social status. Achieving success in education requires personal focus, commitment, strength and support. In education, money or financial status matter in the provision of education support tools. There is no moment that money will come in class and study on behalf of a person. In other words, for a student to acquire a degree in the university, he requires commitment and hard work. Therefore, any student with determination can acquire a degree even without some of the required tools. I am determined to achieve a degree and through hard work, commitment and support from my family I will achieve the goal.

Shadhan: To acquire success in academics is proved by a degree from a university. College life is short and it is not the key determiner of an individuals performance. Life in education is found on an individuals life and environment. The social background of an individual defines what to expect in his or her future. For instance, students from underprivileged families cannot acquire the necessary facilities for learning such as textbooks. It brings a challenge to their foundation since they do not secure a good foundation in education. A poor foundation bars them from reaching the goals required in education. In addition, there are many challenges that surround them in their day-to-day lives. As a factor, it can be represented by the demand in terms of physical labor that the students are required to offer to their parents as assistance. Students from poor families are required by their parents to assist them in some tasks such as farm labor in the aim of increasing the familys financial status. It prevents them from setting enough time for studies and doing assignments. In addition, the students get tired during the activity and cannot save enough time for their studies. As a result, they acquire a poor foundation and are not able to secure good grades to qualify for a university.

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David: Challenges are the mother of innovations. Students who come from underprivileged families are used to challenges and they take the challenges as the reasons for their future success. Every individual would like to have a good future with minimal challenges. Since these students have already tasted poverty, they secure every available moment to specialize in education with the motive of safeguarding a better future different from the current life. Poverty has also taught them to translate every chance into an opportunity and they have the advantage of utilizing available resources in a productive way without wastage. Individuals from underprivileged backgrounds are brought up with moral principles and upright characters that assist them to adopt with the environment and come up with strategies of solving their challenges. For instance, asking for assistance, borrowing what they require and sometimes taking advantage is not a great deal to the poor. These traits together with morals ensure that students from poor families are able to get the necessary tools they require in education from their friends who are privileged.

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Shadhan: Life has many challenges that determine the performance in education. When these challenges are not addressed, an individual is not able to acquire a degree from the university. These are life requirements such as medical facilities and other necessities such as food security. People from underprivileged background struggle to acquire these facilities and sometimes are not able to afford the circumstances. As a result, their performance in life, especially in education, is poor. Therefore, it is wise for them to accept their status and leave education to other people through concentrating the resources that they have on other important issues such as health, food and clothing.

David: Today, the list of basic requirements has increased from three items to five items. The basic items in human life are education, food, shelter, clothing and health. There are modern facilities that are cheap and affordable to every person in the country in health provision. Government initiated insurance health programs are affordable and eliminate the burden of hospital bills. Individuals from poor families get satisfied with a little food they get and take the challenge as a motivation towards changing their status. In addition, education system has now improved through the assistance of scholarship, grants and bursaries. Well-up individuals support students from underprivileged families to achieve their goals in education through financial and material support. Therefore, regardless of the financial status of an individual, individuals from poor families can acquire degrees from the university and excel in their careers. There is no option, but all students should be focused on self-commitment towards achieving degrees in colleges and universities. It will guarantee a good future for all the students since they will be able to secure good jobs and reason in a creative way hence guaranteeing success in the future.


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