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Qualitative Research

Research Methods

Ripp is a dangerous drug that has infiltrated the American society. For a short time, the drug makes people feel good, but later, it provokes people to engage in immoral behavior. The President is concerned and appointed a team that would develop policies aimed at combating the problem. To develop an effective strategy that can be used for the purpose of countering the problem, there is a need for conducting a research. In order to efficiently collect information, three methods of data collection will be in use. These methods are qualitative, quantitative and interpretive research methods. This paper examines how each of these methods will be useful in collecting data that will help solve the problem of Ripp usage. My team will rely on qualitative research methods. The first two body paragraphs will provide an explanation of the specific tools of qualitative research to be used. The third body paragraph will concentrate on quantitative and interpretive researches. The conclusion of this paper contains a summary of the major points identified in it.


Qualitative research is one of the best methods that can be used for the purpose of collecting data on the effects Ripp has on the citizens of United States. There are a number of methods that can be used for collecting data under qualitative research. Examples of these methods include the use of surveys, questionnaires, interviews, library researches, Internet researches, and also focus group discussions (Silverman 5). While collecting data for this research, the researchers will rely mainly on focus group discussions, Internet and library researches and interviews. Under focus group discussions, the researchers will look for people who are using the drug. The researchers will group them, and provide a discussion on the reasons why they are using the drugs. The goal here is to discover the psychology of these people, and develop a policy aimed at helping them. Some of the discussions during these meetings will focus on answering the following questions: what is the meaning of Ripp, why people use the drug and why it is difficult to stop using the drug.

Finding the answers to these questions will help in understanding the psychology of the addicts and the reasons behind their use of the drug. Understanding the reasons why people use this drug is the first step in developing a policy that will help reduce its consumption and negative effect on the community. Another important method of qualitative research to be used is Internet research. The goal of conducting Internet research is to find articles and blogs that are talking about the drug. The Internet has millions of websites providing information on a variety of topics. Chances are high that the researchers will find sufficient information regarding the drug and its impact on the community (Coleman and Jessica 33). Regarding interviews, the researchers will look for experts on drug abuse that will help to work on policy proposals that can be used to fight the drug. While selecting experts to interview, the group will look for scholars and senior government officials responsible for protecting the community from illegal drug consumption.

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Quantitative research is another method to be used for collecting data in this case. Under quantitative data, the researchers will analyze various figures that depict the number of people using the drugs. In this method, the researchers will rely on governmental statistic records. This process will include a combination of qualitative and quantitative research basically because the numeric data for this research will come from governmental records, which are sources of data under qualitative research. The numerical data will be used to analyze the extent of damage that the drug has caused. This will be done in terms of the projected number of people who are using the drug and the number of people it has affected. Having knowledge of the extent of damage caused by this drug will help in discovering whether the abuse of Ripp qualifies as a national disaster. If it is a national disaster, the team will enlist the help of all organs of the state, including the military, police and drug enforcement agencies to help in combating the harmful effects of the drug. Interpretive research will involve the interpretation of various behaviors of people using the Ripp drug. This will be made possible on the basis of the results of the focus group discussions (Silverman 22). During these discussions, researchers will closely analyze and interpret the behaviors of the participants. This will be done in order to put an interpretation on the reasons why they use this drug, and the best policies the researchers can develop to fight the consumption of Ripp.

In conclusion, the team appointed by the President to fight the consumption of Ripp will extensively rely on a qualitative method of data collection. Qualitative research is easy to use, and the tools needed for conducting this research are easily accessible. My team will use focus group discussions, interviews and library researches under qualitative method of research. Under quantitative research, the researchers will look for numerical data that identifies the number of people using the drugs and the number of people affected by its consumption. The aim of this research is to identify the extent of damage caused by consumption of this drug, and devise a plan of how to use the services of other organs of government in fighting the consumption of the drug. The use of interpretive research will be minimal.


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