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American Culture

The Family Guy: American Culture



Culture encompasses all the factors that govern the way of living, including laws. It is also a unique attribute that can be used to differentiate various groups of people and regions. This implies that every region of the world has its own specific culture that is different from others. Just like other parts of the world, America has its own culture that is clearly different from other nations. Generally, it is still believed to be one of the worlds largest cultures since it is greatly diversified. The American culture involves traditions, beliefs and customs of the natives of the United States, among others.

Other aspects of the culture also include religion, languages and types of food used by the population. It is usually viewed as one of the dynamic and richest cultures because it influenced almost all cultures of the world. This is owed to the fact that the United States is a country of immigrants, especially the English colonizers. As a result, the American culture has been largely coined by other cultures from different regions of the world. Besides the colonizers, it has also been enriched by the Latin and Native Americans, Asians and African cultures. However, all of them have now been blended into one major entity, American culture. Having been influenced by other cultures, the American culture has now taken the leading role in influencing other cultures, too. Evidently, many nations across the world have now reverted to copying the western culture, which predominantly refer to United States of America. However big it is (more than 315 million people), it barely has a common culture that is shared by its regions Western, Southeast, Northeast, and South Midwest America (Zimmermann, n.p.).

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The Family Guy

Entertainment is also a major aspect of culture because people must always have moments of enjoyment. Just like other cultures, American culture also has their own ways of entertaining themselves. Even though these modes may be shared by other cultures as a result of influence, they are easily recognized as Americans.

Being the founders, American majorly uses the modern technological advancements for entertainment. These include movies, music, internet, radio programs, and television series among other modern advancements. Even these advancements are programmed in a manner that would still distinguish the uniqueness of the American from other cultures. One of the television series that can be used to clearly depict the American culture is The Family Guy. It is a comedy series used to make a mockery of the American families, thus the name, The Family Guy. The film is animated and uses cartoons for its characters instead of humans.

The series is starred by MacFarlen Seth, writer and executive producer, who is the head of a family of five people and one dog. The dysfunctional family, Griffins, constitutes of Peter Griffin (father), Lois Griffin (mother); and their children, two sons Chris Griffin and Stewie Griffin, and one daughter Megan Griffin. Probably the most important member of the family is their dog, Brian. The film is cast in an imaginary city of Quahog in Rhodes Island and formatted in forms of off-color humor, black comedy, and surreal humor. It has eleven seasons of 213 episodes, out of which each runs for about 22 minutes. Each episode has a different theme that clearly depicts various errands that are mainly run by American families.

Besides the humor, the family is largely surrounded by a lot of controversies and irony. First, the dog Brian is the wisest member of the entire family of five members. It is also quite ironical that Stewie, who is the youngest member of the family, should be striving hard to eliminate his mother and siblings. Peter, who is the family head, tries to do some of the right things for his family. Eventually, he makes some terrible mistakes that could end up destroying the family. Generally, this family is abnormal and aimlessly struggles to cope with the everyday life (IMDb, 2013).

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The American Culture in The Family Guy

The Family Guy in one of the television series comprehensively outlines the American culture, not only is meant for comedy, but also a guideline through the various aspects of the American cultural set-up. Therefore, as the viewers get entertained, there is also an overview of the states culture that is depicted in the comedy. Foremost, the series, The Family Guy is produced by an American and casted in Rhodes Island, which reveals its American origin. The film is also acted and broadcasted in English the national language used by 31 of the 50 states of America. In addition, it contains some adult content and use of obscene words such as the f-word (volume eight), commonly used by many Americans.

In volume ten, Brian and Stewie discovered that Santa Claus is actually real in Road to the North Pole. After they had also discovered the The Big Bang Theory, Stewie learnt that he was the creator of the entire universe. Americans have been known for several discoveries, including landing on the moon by the first American, Neil Armstrong. The film also touches on some of music genres preferably developed by Americans. For instance, in volume ten Peter Griffin flashes to David Bowie and Mick Jaggers full music video, Dancing in the Streets. He readily joins the duo to dance to the music that he greatly enjoys.

In the American culture, people like putting on the casual wears. Evidently, all characters of The Family Guy are mostly dressed in casual wears in different episodes of the film. The Griffins family is made up of father, mother, children and a dog typical of most American families. Americans love pet dogs, which are often given fair treatment like the human members of the family. Coincidentally, Brian is the wisest member of the family, just like an American would spend much time training his or her dog. In volume eight, Brian tries to handle some of the problems affecting America, including homosexuality, steroids, marijuana, religion, and the controversies surrounding FOX News Channel. Moreover, there are also attacks and criticism of the political landscape of America (Carr, 2012).


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These factors are basically centered on both stronghold and loopholes in the American culture. Despite being the most diverse and one of the worlds largest cultures, the American culture still has specific flaws as revealed in The Family Guy. The film actually gives a blueprint for improving the general modes of living. It does not only dwell on the comic attributes, but also gives relevant guidance to the daily challenges. The film may be containing adult content, but it can equally be used for family viewing.

This is because the contents that would, otherwise, be offensive are intertwined with practical jokes that totally diffuse the offense. Actually, the executive producer, MacFarlen, and his team did a great job in developing a new approach to the field of comedy. Through The Family Guy, they have given a good blend of comedy that entails humor and practical knowledge that is both beneficial to viewers and the government, as a whole. Perhaps this is the reason behind this film being one of the countrys best TV series.


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