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Define a Good Poem

What the Three Think a Good Poem Is

James Tate believes that a good poem should be full of new ideas. The writer should be informative in his bearing. Common information des not go well with poems. James Tate also feels that the poet should be conversant with his subject. James Tate confesses that excellent poems have great insights (Tate 18). They give the reader some news that he did not have before. A writer should not present wrong information. Poets always deliver information from their cultural orientations (Tate 17). The poet must therefore have deep mastery of the subject.

Robert Bly insists that a good poem should take the reader into a journey of the subconscious mind. Bly is full of fantasy. He explains that the poet should give the reader a ride of a leap into the unconscious section and back. He gives examples o poems like the Odyssey and the epic of Gilgamesh (Bly 2). Matthew Dickman reveals that poetry should be emotional. According to him, a romantic poem should untimately create the romance in the reader. A dirge poem should also create remorse in the reader. This means that the use of words should match the message to be communicated.

What a Good Poem Should Do

A good poem should be seductive. James Tate confesses that style and tone should leave the reader with an emotional inclination towards the stanzas. A good poem should deliver its message in totality. It should not leave the reader in suspense. The content should also flow. The reader should be kept glued on the script through out. The poem should leave the reader refreshed. Robert Bly says that a good poem should take the reader into a journey of the mind and back (Bly 1). A good poem should entertain. The reader should experience a refreshing that comes from the poem. A stressed person should find solace when reading poems. A fatigued person should also experience relief after reading a poem. The poets should therefore compose poems that carrying refreshing virtue in them.  

Proper Ways of Evaluating a Poem

The syntax of a poem is a primary point of evaluation. The arrangement of a poem tells a lot on its quality. In regard to this, a poem should be checked for uniformity of stanzas. The stanzas should be regular and not unpredictable. The tone of the poem is also of great importance. The message may not be understood if a wrong tonal variation is used. The tone carries some weight in relaying the information. The use of language is another evaluation avenue. The examiner should check the kind of language that is used in the poem (Dickman 34). Only professional language should be allowed. Wrong grammar is an indication of a poor poem.

What I think a good poem is

A good poem should be consistent in content presentation. The message should be very clear to the reader. According to me, a good poem should be easy to understand. Very complex poems are always boring. The persona should be interesting. A good poem should contain rhymes and similes. Such stylistic devices create aura into the poem. A god poem should have new information. It should be informative. This means that the poet should always be in an information hunting spree. According to me, a good poem should be critical. It should engage the mind of the reader. This however does not permit complexity. I totally dislike complex language in poems. However, the language choice should be witty. The brain should be given some work to do. A good poem should create excitement. The use of rhymes, similes and metaphors should create joy in the reader. 

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