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English Paper

Writers have their own ways of presenting material. However, all of those depend upon their style of delineating events, writers prospective audience and the final aim to bring the text to their reader. Some of the stories can be easily understood and be translated into various languages, while others become conserved in the libraries in one edition.

This essay is an attempt to compare the story and the play. As a practical example, Carter's story The Company of Wolves and Williams play The Glass Menagerie are taken into consideration. The emphasis is put on one character from each writing.

The main difference between a story and a play is in the form of their presentation, which results in its further implementation. General story is considered to be a sequence of events.

The main characteristic of a story is that it is written in prose and can be divided into chapters. It is intended to be read, rather than performed. It is about a certain event and usually deals with a few characters.

At the same time, in the play, general story is told through speaking and action of the characters. It can often can have many characters; more than one event is a typical characteristic of the play. Moreover, it is aimed to be acted on the stage, which is considered to be the main difference between those two characters.

The common features of the story and the play is their retelling in a particular way. Besides, both of them have a plot with the number of characters and follow a corresponding sequence of events.

The aforementioned characteristics of the play can be easier to follow the plot. Especially those readers that enjoy watching the play in the theater can compare their imagination with the perception of a play director. Moreover, it is even a better option to go and watch the same play, directed by different people. Another category of readers does not consider viewing the ideas of others. Thus, they just prefer to develop their own imagination.

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Carters The Company of Wolves is the transformed story of a well-known Little Red Riding Hood. The author makes her writing unique by playing with the readers imagination based on a familiar story. Carter tries to echo the allegory elements with the help of which she tries to scare young girls when they are alone outside the house. In The Company of Wolves, she tends to break the stereotypes about gender roles. Using hyperboles and metaphors in her fantasy, Carter conveys to her reader quite unorthodox messages through the behavior of her heroine.

At the same time, Williams The Glass Menagerie is considered to be a part of the real life of the author. The author draws the parallel between the image of his real sister Rose and character Laura. Both of them are interested in glass and are collecting glass animals. The personality of Laura is characterized by her collection of the unicorns. The glass animals are compared with the character of Laura: both beautiful and fragile. Being vulnerable and innocent, she is distant from the real life. At the same time, it is hard for her to manage the outside world. Laura is completely satisfied with her fantastic world of glass ornaments, which she cares about and spends time playing with it.

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As we see, both of the stories are based on symbolism and significance. Two women are two total opposites, as two sides of the medal. The play is written with lots of details, so the reader can imagine what feelings of the corresponding character are present in a certain episode. For example, the fact of breaking the glass unicorns horn, which was Lauras favorite, is a symbol of shattering her life illusions.

At the same time, despite the fact that The Company of Wolves was built upon the familiar story, the reader easily notices that Carters story is about the play with various elements of gender and innocence, sexual desire and self-satisfaction. The author takes their reader into quite uncomfortable directions, which some of the audience may recognize. Thus, we can see how familiar story and unfamiliar play can influence the readers perception and their ability to analyze the plot from various perspectives.


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