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The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a fascinating romantic drama film that was directed and produced by Baz Luhrman. It is rather important to note the fact that the plot of this film is based on the F. S. Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby that was issued by the author in 1925. This film has gained a triumphant popularity because of numerous reasons. To begin with, several world stars, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan participated in this winning project. This Hollywood movie depicts the life of the millionaire Jay Gatsby who wants to recapture the love of his life, Daisy. Jay Gatsby once lost her, when he was a penniless young man. Despite the fact that Jay and Daisy begin so-called reunion of affair, Gatsby fails to return his love because she is married to Tom and, besides, she is satisfied with her frivolous life, and is not ready to live outside her comfort zone. Regardless of the fact that Jay Gatsby hopes that his material wealth, luxurious mansion, high social status in society, and expensive car can give him the chance to return the past, he is mistaken because Daisy Buchanan is a frivolous and shallow woman who does not intend to get a divorce with Tom and return to Jay. Despite the fact that Baz Luhrman’s adaptation of the Fitzgerald’s novel has received much critic because, according to some critical response, the movie lacks loyalty to the novel, it is believed that this visually dazzling picture has managed to attract millions of viewers from different corners of the globe. For instance, many experts compare this extraordinary movie adaptation to a successful theatrical celebration of emotional extravagance, luxury, and love.


Although it may seem at the first sight that this movie portrays the marvelous story about thwarted, endless, and compassionate love, the main theme of this movie is incredibly complicated as it is characterized by less romantic and pleasant scope. It should be stated that this movie, similarly to the novel written by F. S. Fitzgerald, describes the nature of the Jazz Age and the Roaring Twentieth. Moreover, movie The Great Gatsby glorifies and, at the same time, condemns the irrefutable popularity of the American dream that spoiled the entire generation of humans, especially upper classes who lost their identities in the continuous search of prosperity, wealth, entertainments, and seduction. Taking into consideration the definition of the term “American dream”, it is important to stress that this notion encompasses a set of ideas that give the chance to every human to prosper and succeed. Although the American dream ensures a chance to humans for a better life, it is rather important to emphasize that this movie follows the idea of F. S. Fitzgerald, and depicts the American dream in controversial and ambiguous ways. For instance, the movie provides convincing evidence that people who pursue this American dream care only about material possessions and endless enrichment. Moreover, the heroes depicted in the movie The Great Gatsby dream only about fancy clothing, large parties, and magnificent apartments. Taking into account the symbolism of the movie The Great Gatsby, it is rather important to note that the screen version of The Great Gatsby aims to describe the demise or, in other words, the crush of the American dream. Although the movie describes unsuccessful relationships between two people, the major theme of this movie depicts lost people who exchanged love, dignity, and emotions for consumerism and excessive material possessions. The culture of wealthy Americans described in this 3D movie portrays low-minded, frivolous, and ostentatious humans whose happiness is measured in currency. In simple words, the heroes of this motion picture believe that money can buy happiness, and return the lost opportunities as well as love. These people don’t pursue love and true emotions because they find short-term curiosity and passion more fascinating and attractive.

I would like to stress that I have chosen this piece of art because I have watched this movie three or four times and, of course, I wouldn’t mind to view it one more time. Moreover, I have chosen this movie because I am deeply convinced that this unique piece of art perfectly pictures decayed moral values and continuous pursuit of empty pleasure. This movie is a bright example of corruption of the American dream, loss of identities, unrestrained desire for material wealth, and human shallowness. I like the idea presented in this movie because it shows the real life of people who lived during the period of Roaring Twentieth. The term “Roaring Twentieth” describes the period of economic and cultural prosperity on the territory of the USA after the wartime. On the one hand, movie The Great Gatsby represents American dream as limitless opportunities and a unique chance to succeed. On the other hand, American dream may be compared to a so-called “soup babble” that is directly intertwined with the continuous chase for money, significance of social statuses, importance of recognition among many other members of society, and, finally, decayed social as well as hollow moral values of people. This movie proves that American people were at a loss because they didn’t know what to do with their opportunities. Thus, it is possible to infer that the American dream is characterized by fatal consequences because shallow recklessness, endless pursuit of pleasure, concentration of material possessions, and, finally, excessive cynicism of people motivated American society to wipe out the inner sense of the American dream. 

Despite the fact that this movie adaptation was created in 2013, it perfectly portrays the pursuit of the American Dream, the Jazz Age, and the Roaring Twentieth that took place in the first part of the twentieth century. This piece of art uniquely and, at the same time, perfectly reflects the pursuit of the American dream that may be understood as the pursuit of happiness. According to the plot of the movie, Jay Gatsby’s endeavor to attract attention of Daisy and seek her love through material possessions is the convincing proof that demonstrates the demise of the American dream. In spite of the fact that Jay Gatsby reassures Nick that people can repeat their past and start their life from absolutely fresh beginning, Gatsby’s material wealth and possessions are not powerful enough to come back his love to him. Thus, this movie provides evidence that the pursuit of the American dream spoils both main heroes of the movie. On the one hand, the American dream spoils Jay Gatsby because he believes that his trendy clothes, luxurious car, and expensive mansion will ensure him a chance to attract Daisy. On the other hand, continuous pursuit of pleasure spoils Daisy because this frivolous young lady, who lives in the aura of sophistication and wealth, is no more in love with Jay because she refuses to betray aristocracy and comfort that are ensured to her by money. 

As a result, having shed light on the main themes presented in the movie The Great Gatsby, it is possible to sum up that this artwork is a real masterpiece that depicts the American dream as a positive and, at the same time, a negative concepts that lead to the loss of identities, moral shallowness, deterioration of human values, and, finally, dependence on material possessions and wealth.  Thus, this triumphant movie convinces the viewers that endless pursuit of pleasure, luxurious cars, expensive clothing, grand parties, and frivolousness will never make humans happy because happiness, similarly to the American dream, is a relative notion. Moreover, happiness as well as the American dream is a harmony inside a human soul that cannot be either owned or purchased. 



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