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The Heart of the Night: Relationship Theme


A relationship is a mutual understanding between two or more individuals. Relationships have effects on the life activities of individuals as illustrated in the story heart of the night. Naguib Mahfouz, in his novel, Heart of The Night has represented different approaches to relationships as a theme. Apart from relationships, the story also exposes different skillful themes that are vividly explained by the writer. The time duration of the book is over a night period where the illustration takes place. In addition to that, Heart of the Night has major characters who share different traits to determine the theme of the entire novel. The writer selected the teme to illustrate how relationship ties can affect the political, social and economic lives of individuals. The main character who is exposed to the effects of relationships in the novel is Jaafar. Naguib Mahfouz, is a renowned writer with several other works that he has committed to. Some of his books includebefore the throne  and  the day the leader was killed. However, in his book, heart of the night he has cited several themes relevant to the entire story. The essay will focus on relationships as a theme illustrated in the novel. Naguib has used relationship as a theme in several other works he has committed to. in his book, The Mirage, he explains relationship ties between several individuhile he expands the knowledge of the readers to the citizen relationships to the economy. The novel heart of the night has deeply explored relationship as indicated in the essay to explain different ways in which the characeters were related and to illustrate how the relationship chains had different troubles most of the time. Naguib creatively generates information from when he met the character and shows his entire background and his involvement. The next part is the illustration of relationship as portrayed in the book.


Relationships can be represented in different forms. Different people share different beliefs about relationships, how to have relationships when to have a relationship and whom to share a relationship with. Mahfouz explains the different ways in which relationships link the individuals in the novel through his main character in the book, Jaafar. Relationships can be displayed through affection or blood ties. Attachment relationships are such as friendship and romantic relationships. The blood ties relationships are individuals who are related through common ancestry. Naguib Mahfouz, the author to the new Heart of the Night, expresses his ideas through indicating the relationships that existed between different characters within the novel. Naguib creates the scene where different people have different ties between them and the occurrences that occur due to the relationships they get involved. The relationship chain of Jaafar; in his novel, Naguib introduces a character, Jaafar. Jaafar is the narrator in a situation where he was demanding for his grandfather’s rights. Jaafar is a main character in the novel which has different changes in his relationships with various people. It is indicated in the story that Jaafar has a relationship with one of the individuals whom he refers to as his grandfather. The relationship that existed between them was blood ties. The writer, therefore, expresses a long relationship chain in which Jaafar was involved.

Jaafar was participating in different relationships in his lifetime. In his early life, his parents had passed away forcing him to have a sketchy relationship with his wealthy grandfather. Relationship ties in this context have been displayed by the genetic background of the characters. The writer exposes the genetic relationship that Jaafar had with the senior man and the chain in whichthe senior man was involved. He illustrates that the wife of the senior man, who was Jaafar’s grandmother had paased away creating the sense of a lonely relationship where the grandfather onlybanked his hope on Jaafar.He was taken in by the senior man, whose wife had also passed away a short while after adopting Jaafar. The top man charitably offered him everything he wanted to satisfy his industrious needs. The relationship between Jaafar and the grandfather never lasted after he fell in love with a shepherdess who never had any good reputation to the family. Jaafar's grandfather took a step to advise him to stop the relationship which he could not stop. The author indicates how a relationship bound by blood is on the rocks through romantic feelings that the main character has for a different lady, who surprisingly is not approved by his grandfather. In any case, Jaafar insisted oin marrying the lady, then there would be further growth of relationship ties between the senior man and the shepperd girl whom he never wanted. The romantic relationship between Jaafar and the shepherdess goes further into getting married together. After the marriage of the two characters, the narrator goes on to illustrate how the senior man decided to disown his own grandson. The writer thinks it is one of the reasons Jaafar shold regret after he was not allocated any possession of his grandfather’s property.

The relationship is a binding factor for different individuals. However, several factors discourage the success of a perfect relationship. The factors can either be internal factors or just external factors. Jaafar transformation of different relationships have both the inner and external influences. Internal factors that lead to a fall out of relationships include stress factors, thoughts, and decisions to end a relationship. The depression in relationships can be caused by financial resources and health conditions. Finance is a major source of chaos in relationships. Jaafar in the story has financial problems which lead to the fallout of his relationship with his wife, Al-Rawi. He moves on to a relationship with a stable woman who can cater for his financial needs. Moreover, it is also true to say that other factors such as thoughts and decisions are contributing factors to internal generators to relationship fallouts. The external factors include other relatives, spouses, friends, finance and age. The age of individuals contributes to major relationship results. Age, therefore, contributes to the crisis in relationships where one is the woman is older than her partner. Contrary to that, Jaafar gets involved with a lady older than him. The love between Jaafar and the woman does not seem to be true love since he had an aim of a financial resourceful woman. Other relatives also form part of relationship fallouts. Most incidents take place where parents of a given individual do not like their spouse and would do anything as possible enough to break their romantic ties. Jaafar’s grandfather never wanted him to get into the relationship with the shepherdess. The grandfather advised him and later disowned him on the grounds of getting married to Al-Rawi.


In conclusion, relationships is a major theme in the novel, Heart of the Night. The author, Naguib introduces different relationships that were evident between the various characters in the book. The relationship ties, as explained by the essay groups them into two categories such as romantic relationships and blood relationships. Jaafar, who is the main character in the novel, is introduced with his early childhood history and how he relates to the grandfather and different people he fell in love with from separate occasions. Furthermore, the last part of the essay contributes to the factors that contribute to the fall out of relationships. The factors are directly related to the theme of relationships in the Heart of the Night novel by Naguib Mahfouz.


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