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Unwanted Children

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Modest Proposal for Stopping Abortion

Society experiences turbulent times when important social issues are being discussed. At every corner of every street, one can hear people speaking about racism, poverty, freedom of speech, and other things. Listening to peoples thoughts is, undoubtedly, quite interesting, but desire to speak makes one want to join the conversation badly; especially now, when abortion became another widely discussed topic. Abortion is something people have very controversial thoughts about. Some say it should be forbidden, others oppose. People came up with many different ideas in order to prevent or solve that issue. Those who oppose abortion state that there should be more orphanages. Thus, children who are born and are unwanted by their mothers should stay in orphanages until they are adopted by other families. Those who support abortion maintain that it is up to women to decide whether they want children or no. Such suggestions may seem practical to some, but I find them to be rather primitive since they cannot solve the problem absolutely. Hence, I found an ultimate decision concerning abortions which would satisfy both its supporters and opponents.

This ultimate decision is to castrate all men, and there will be a small exception of those who will be left for breeding. Thus, this small cast will become some sort of fathers to the nation; and the rest will be free to live sexually the way they want since they will be sterile. Women will not have to worry about unwanted or unexpected pregnancies since they will know that the men they are with are barren. Hence, society will free itself from the burden of difficult relations and abortions. Since men would be sterile, there would be no unwanted pregnancies and no need for abortion. Women who would be willing to have children will have to contact a special agency within the country that would be responsible for breeding. This agency would hire and keep the men who are still able to impregnate women. These mens job would be impregnating women for money. They would be forbidden to have sex outside the job. An agency can even simplify its job by getting rid of men and providing women with sperm samples, so they would be able to get pregnant. Such a solution would help many women to have children when they want and from whom they want. They will be able to pick a donor to their liking, and they will not have to worry about genes of their future babies, which often troubles modern women who have a hard time figuring possible fathers for their babies.

Some may say that castrating all men is cruel. For example, some men are eager to have children; and castration would prevent them from such a possibility. One can argue with that. Men will still be fathers but only of children whose biological fathers are different men. Some may have troubles adjusting to that, but I believe that for true parents, it should not matter. Still, for the humanistic souls who defend mens rights, one can propose more liberal approach. Parents that have little sons may decide whether to castrate them or no. Those who want their sons to be able to breed should provide certain guarantees that their sons will be responsible and solvent for their future children. In order to do that, parents would have to pay specific insurance. This insurance will consist of money which would be given to their grandchildren in case they are born. Sons in this case will also have to pay certain taxes to the government. These taxes will be compulsory for all of the men who do not want to become sterile. People who are willing to pay that much money will surely prove their responsibility and ability to raise their biological children.

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Men will also have to obtain specific permission from respective authorities; this permission will state that they are healthy both physically and psychologically. Men who would work in agencies described above (used by women to get pregnant) will also have to get such permissions, but they will be checked even more carefully. Obviously, such men will not work in agencies for a long time because women will need healthy and fresh young men. Thus, after few years, the staff in such agencies will change completely in order to meet clients needs. New workers will be chosen from birth; they will be distinguished from the rest and avoid the process of sterilization. Older workers will retire; they will be castrated as well after they quit their work at the agency.

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Thus, society will solve many issues with the help of such a program. Only those who are willing and responsible will have babies. They will value and appreciate this possibility greatly, and there will be no unwanted children. On the other hand, those who do not want children will be able to have open relationships and sex without worries and unnecessary problems, which will be easy to avoid thanks to castration. Women will not need to fear the reaction of their boyfriends in case of surprise pregnancy. Thus, they would not have to think about having an abortion because they would simply not get pregnant. It is simple: no pregnancies no abortions. Only those women who would be mature and independent enough to have children will be able to bear one thanks to the help of certain agencies. They will be able to find men who were not castrated (the agency would have lists of those) or use the agencys workers. The government will also be able to take care of parenthood this way because it will know what people have children. It will be able to check its citizens and determine whether they are ready to have and take care of children. This way, the government can build a healthy society where every child will be highly appreciated, and there would be no need to kill unborn babies.

Hence, mens castration seems like a brilliant solution; and I see no problems with implementing it. Maybe some people will oppose it in the beginning, but in the end, they will all appreciate it greatly. There is nothing as effective as mens sterilization because it will save people from unnecessary nuisance and nausea in the first place. Thus, I support general castration. It will save America from abortions, and it will satisfy both sides in this matter. Using simple medical methods will allow solving this controversial issue once and for all. It is a simple, effective and everlasting solution; and it should be implemented immediately. It will help the country greatly providing it with a huge advantage comparing to other states.


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