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Autobiographical Statement

Personal and Academic Challenges

In the life of a human being, college life is associated with a period or a significant step towards independence. This is because college life forms an incredibly significant part of the journey of life which teaches students so many things that shape their lives either in a positive or a negative way. College life is the time of freedom and independence, whereby students get the opportunity to manage their lives on various aspects, such as time management, academics, social relationships and even their religious strength.


Although college life may have marvelous, brilliant and exciting moments, students face a lot of hurdles and challenges. For instance, students have academic hurdles to clear, relationship problems to manage and what is the most important to figure out the Gods place in their lives. However, Halonen & Santrock point out that most of the struggles and challenges that students face in college are inherent to the students themselves. They argue that students tend to misuse the freedom and independence at their disposal, thus ending up neglecting their studies. Some of the struggles and challenges students face in college include adapting to a roommate, newfound freedom, distractions, temptations and meeting the demands of an advanced curriculum.

Throughout this course, I have also experienced the challenges and struggles of college life. However, I developed various strategies to help me to overcome those challenges as discussed below.

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Most of the researchers and philosophers are in consensus that time management is the biggest challenge facing students in college. Halonen & Santrock observe that time management is the greatest asset in the life of a student in a college. As a result of the new-found freedom and independence, most students tend to engage more in the social activities at the expense of their studies. However, to overcome this challenge, I developed a daily routine schedule which I followed with the utmost strictness. I made sure that my schedule accommodated all the activities of the school curriculum to ensure that I had a balanced student life. For example, I bought an organizer, a big wall calendar and a PDA to help in organizing my semester dates such as assignments, group discussions and exams.

The plan and time schedule I developed helped me so much in managing my academic life. I was able to figure out my program and classes for the entire semester. In line with the schools curriculum, I clearly marked the continuous assessment tests (CATS), group discussions and final exams dates on my calendar. As a result of this, I never skipped any class or group discussion, thus developing a strong social bond with my classmates. I also received essential information from the professors, thereby tremendously improving on my grades.

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The most significant thing (that I did to achieve my goals throughout this course) was to avoid procrastination. More often than not, most of the lectures gave us assignments and group discussions work during the first weeks of the semester. Halonen & Santrock contend that most of the students do not pay keen interests on the assignments, since the due dates for submitting the projects seem far. However, since I knew that time is a scarce resource I always started working on the assignments immediately. I organized myself in such a way that, after my lessons, I spent a few hours in the library to do my assignments on time. To manage my class assignments, I adopted the approach of working backwards from the deadline by scheduling all my tasks to avoid overwhelming myself with the last-minute rushes. As a result of this, I was able to finish my assignments on time and have enough time to prepare for my exams.

In order to improve my academics throughout this course, I took advantage of the study resources on campus such as learning tabs and tutors. I spent most of my time in the library doing research and completing my assignments. In addition, my classmates and I formed study groups that were quite insightful during our discussions. Furthermore, I took the responsibility of seeking advice from my professors, in case I needed help with my studies. On numerous occasions, I visited my professors during the allocated consultation hours to clarify some of the concepts I did not grasp in class. Besides improving my grades, I also formed a cordial relationship with my tutors.

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One famous quote goes like this all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Throughout this course, I always strived to achieve equilibrium between my studies and getting involved in campus activities. Besides my studies, I also joined clubs, student organizations and actively participated in sports. As a result, I was able to make new acquaintances, learnt new skills and, most importantly, I felt connected to my school.

Overall, I have successfully completed this course through the proper planning, efforts and execution of my schedule. In addition, I have improved my time management, analytical, interpersonal and communication skills. I have learnt that, as a student, you can be able to plan yourself to deal with the stress, challenges and struggles associated with the college life. Quite often, students get distracted by many things, but you can be able to remain focused and excel in your studies with a well-executed plan.


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