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Becoming an Informed Voter

Becoming an informed voter means becoming knowledgeable about the issues and the position of various candidates aspiring for a political stance. In this case, one can make rational decisions in choosing an appropriate candidate who will represent their interests while in office. It helps to qualify the indented objectives of elections and it ensures a better leadership and representation. The leadership helps find rational solutions to the problems affecting citizens, which will enhance the standards of living and their well-being. In American politics, a leader is elected to head every state and every district. They represent the needs of the people and act as the links between the people and the federal government. In my district, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, elections are highly valued, and every adult member of society is required to participate. Wisconsin has a rich history of politics dating back to 1914 when the Progressive Republicans created the nation’s first primary election system. Some laws were also structured, which ensured the improvement of the Wisconsin state in technology, agriculture, and education. The aim of this paper will be to research my congressional delegation.


Background Information

Milwaukee is the biggest city in the state of Wisconsin, and according to 2010 census, it holds the population of 594,833 persons. With this massive number of voters, Milwaukee has been politically active in the recent past. The Wisconsin state has legislatures consisting of 33 Senate members with 14 democrats and 19 republicans; the period before the next election is four years, with the next one being in 2018. During the first term of Jeremiah McLain Rusk, the Wisconsin Constitution was amended to provide that all elections of state and county officers would henceforth be held in even-numbered years. By the stipulation of the amendment, the conditions of all officials who could have left office in 1884, including Rusk, were unmitigated, which was an advantage to them. Since that time and to date, those amendments have been there and they are exercised every year.

Recent Political Inclination

Elections have taken place at both the presidential and congressional levels in the Wisconsin state. Bernie Sanders won the Wisconsin Demographic primary elections, defeating rival Hillary Clinton by 13% points. It was earlier detected in the poll data where Sanders had outperformed Clinton in several major demographics in the Wisconsin state. Moreover, the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the blacks and the whites participated in the elections actively, with a majority backing Sander, thus defeating Clinton. In addition, Ted Cruz won the the Wisconsin Republican primary elections with 48% of the votes.  

In the second place with 35% was Donald Trump, and the third place went to John Kasich with 14%. At the presidential level, state level political principles about collective bargaining offered Wisconsin a higher report heading in the 2012 presidential elections. At that time, polling was unpredictable through summer and fall, ranging from dead heat to a margin roughly equal to 2008. In the end, the Wisconsin voters split the difference, with a majority of the electorate preferring Mr. Barrack Obama to Mr. Mitt Romney as the leader of the United States of America. In the recent past, the city of Milwaukee held elections for common council in August 2015, and this year, it held elections for mayor and city council in April. All city council seats were held up elections.

In the senator race in Wisconsin in 2016, incumbent Mr. Ron Johnson seeks to be re-elected this year, so it will be his second term in office. He is likely to face a replay with former Senator Mr. Russ Feingold later in November. Mr. Russ Feingold is the current senator in Wisconsin. He is a career politician who has spent almost three decades fighting for a government and he knows best approach meant to heighten the American economy. Mr. Russ Feingold defeated Mr. Ron Johnson in election battle in 2010. He is a lawyer by profession and again a strong candidate for the senatorial seat in 2016. He seeks to bring Wisconsin bipartisanship, honesty, and independence to the United States Senate.

Democrats vs. Republicans

Ever since Wisconsin had gained independence and it had been allowed to work as a state in 1824, it has had different show stands in the presidential elections. It has recorded votes for both the Republicans and the Democrats. The state turned Republican in the late 1920s due to the Great Depression and World War II. Since then, the state has showed significant support to the Republicans. In the 1980s, the voters shifted their interest and started to vote for the Democrats. The division of attention and votes highlighted the diversity in politics within the state. Both Republicans and Democrats claimed a considerable number of supporters. In 2012, Wisconsin voters preferred Mr. Obama to Mitt Romney. It showed the state was slowly leaning on the democratic side with more voters favoring the Democratic candidates to the Republican candidates.

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The Wisconsin voters were split in the early 1980s, and some shifted from the Republican to the Democratic Party. It marked the birth of diverse political views in the state as the votes were to be divided between the two parties. The prevalence of the Democratic voters and supporters is roughly the same as that of the Republican supporters. Thus, the Wisconsin voters were equally split between the two principal parties. Some people identify themselves with the Republicans and others deeply support the Democrats. However, Wisconsin is considered a heavy Democratic state. It has supported Democratic candidate since the early 1980s. However, recent polls show that Wisconsin voters are likely to vote for the Republicans. The uncertainty of Wisconsin voters makes it hard to predict the voters’ choice. It is rational to argue that since the parties are evenly supported, any of them can win elections.

Political History

As it has been said, Wisconsin has supported the Republicans since gaining independence. In my district, Milwaukee, the Republican had success in every election since most of the voters were Republicans. The Republican Party has been supported ever since for the following reasons. The Republican Party supported the right for the parents and guardians to educate the children at either home or in private schools, so they were not restricted to taking their children only to the public state-controlled schools. It gave the parents the freedom to choose in which school or how to educate their children. The Party also supported the initiatives to put more control on the public schools and fire unsatisfactorily teachers. This move was set to minimize the misuse of the education resources, funds, and wastage of time by some teachers. It also provided freedom to worship both in private and public institutions where the learners and educators could worship freely. As for the government and taxes, the Party has always advocated  the reduction of taxes on incomes and household items and delegated even more authority to the most local government, which was more directly connected to the voters who were a determining factor for leadership. 

The Republican Party has also been behind and even encouraged the privatization of all functions by the government, and it has supported the prohibition of all unfunded or underfunded mandates and a review of previous orders made. These are some of the many reasons why in Milwaukee, the Republican Party has dominated for a long time since these policies and what they stand for have favored the wellbeing of ordinary citizens, hence attracting their support. This situation has not altered in recent years because the Milwaukee district residents have always enjoyed their leadership. The Republican majorities have evidenced it since 2011 in the Wisconsin Legislature, which is the state's legislature of the United States of Wisconsin. It is composed of the upper House Wisconsin and the lower Wisconsin Assembly. In both chambers, the Republican members have dominated. The Republicans in the Wisconsin District opt to reverse civic customs that for more than a century have been amid the most distinguished achievement not just for their state but also for the Republican Party. It also enables Walker to be elected the governor of the state, and the Republicans are now in power. Lately, the Democrats have increased their presence in the Milwaukee District of the Wisconsin state that has seen many whites who are mostly Democrats. 

Government Structure

Wisconsin is a stable state with a steady leadership. It has two senators elected by the citizens. The elections are fair, and leadership roles are only assumed on merit. It ensures transparency in the electoral system and qualifies the voice of the people. The choice of the citizens is appreciated, and the victor is empowered with the opportunity to represent another state in the federal government. A Republican, Russ Feingold, was elected as the senior Senator from Wisconsin in 2011. He has made so many promises to be independent, but now his campaign is supported by the interest groups who not only come from Wisconsin but also have dangerous foreign policies that threat the safety and the security of the voters’ welfare. Radical special interest groups have corrupted the senator’s dangerous foreign policy. Things have not been the way people expected because of these interest groups.

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Tim Carpenter is the current state senator and a representative of my district in the Senate. He represents the need of all the inhabitants of Milwaukee. He proposes bills set towards enhancing the standards of living and fights against laws and proposals that conflict with the lives of the state members. He was born in 1960 in Milwaukee and he graduated with masters degree from the University of Wisconsin. He was chosen to the Wisconsin state assembly in 1984, and he represented the 9th assembly district until 2002 when he was elected again to represent Wisconsin’s 3rd senate district.  He is currently an active member of the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, the Senate Committee on Transportation, and the Senate Committee on Military Affairs.


After elections, leaders do register the different level of dedication in their work. Some keep their word and deliver the promises they had set for their voters. On the other hand, some leaders disregard their duties and instead of using their power and authority to champion for the citizens’ rights, they use this power to enhance their personal lives. The disparity in performance in leadership gave birth to a ranking system where leaders were gauged and rated on their performance. However, this rating is made by special interest groups and it does not represent the view of society as a whole. It is made in line with the objectives and the achievements of the team under the leadership of the elected senator congressperson. Wisconsin Right to life gives Tim Carpenter 0%, 88% are given by NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin, 100% of votes come the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin, and he receives 29% from the Americans for Prosperity. In Government Budget and Spending, the American Conservative Union, he is rated at 17% and the Wisconsin Gun Owners of America rates him at 7%. This rating represents the experts' views that give society an indication of the performance of the practicing leaders.


This score plays an important role when one is asked to give his/her view on the leadership of his/her state. The score represents a platform that measures the performance and suitability of a leader and is allows the voters to make a good decision when bestowed with the opportunity to elect leaders. Following the ratings above given by experts from various fields, my Senate representative did get the ratings as mentioned earlier. It is reasonable to argue that my leaders are conservative. My leader represents the needs of the people. He did assume better ranking from the Right to Life, NARAL, and he was ranked fairly by other platforms. The ranking depicted a conservative leader whose sole purpose was to represent his people. He is empowered by his primary objective and he would find it hard to betray his individuals who have entrusted him with their lives and problems.


In conclusion, leadership is a fundamental concept that everyone needs to understand deeply. Many countries allow cities the right to elect their leaders and through the city leaders, they are set to realize their short-term and long-term goals. Making a better choice only allows better society with a better objective leader. It helps to reduce chaos and allows the people to take full advantage from their leaders. Wisconsin is a good example of a state with liberal leadership that is correctly elected and that has well-structured objectives set to improve the standards of living in the state. Every voter in Wisconsin is advised on how to choose the right leader who has the best interest of his people in mind. Becoming an informed voter ensures better decisions, hence a better future for society.


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