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How does Facebook Changes People's Life/Community

Since the creation of Facebook in the year 2004, it has played important roles in building social connections and communication. It created a space whereby one can interact with friends and strangers remotely and as well share. By far, social media websites have the highest number of visits and are often used as gateways to other web sites. On average, an individual spends 15 hours n Facebook in a month.  Although Facebook is highlighted to be a positive technological invention that has great positive impacts on the communities, there are as well many instances that Facebook has brought out negative consequences to the users and communities in general. It has changed how people relate to each other and as well the way they communicate. The impacts of Facebook can be felt in business, politics, and socialization among other sectors. In this paper, we shall discuss how Facebook has changed people lives.

Positive Impacts of Facebook

Positive Mental Health 

According to research conducted in Thailand, Facebook was identified as a way of helping on to relax thus improving the quality of lives. The research indicated that Facebook eases the tensions thus reducing stress and thus resulting in a relaxed heart rate. The research focused on the status of the body and minds while one is on Facebook and noted that brings positive mental and physical experience to the users. The positive mental health is also brought about by the fact that people tend to feel good about themselves as a result of interacting with others on Facebook. The explanation behind that is the fact that Facebook allows users only to show their best image to the public by giving them a choice of displaying only what they want. The positive compliments and comments by other users boost the positive mental energy that results from Facebook.


Enhances Productivity 

Whereas many studies have indicated that Facebook lowers the productivity, there are studies that suggest that in deed the opposite impact is true. According to a study that was done by the University of Melbourne in Australia, a ten to fifteen minutes Facebook break during work shifts brings in positive energy and thus enhancing the productivity of the employees. This helps the mind to rest and focus and thus improving the overall concentration of the employees. Increased productivity will result in growth in the economy and thus improving the welfare of the public in general.

Enhances Relationships and Friendships 

Facebook by design allows users to update their relationship status. Thus, those people who are single and willing to interact can meet up online and after communication through the platforms that are provided by the website. They can then opt to meet in person and decide the course of the relationships. A study showed that 60% of people today will look up a new friend on Facebook after meeting them. They will then use the platform to communicate with real-time chatting platforms available. In the case of a breakup, people will update their status and thus attracting interests from other single people on the websites. People send each other romantic messages, photos, video and audio chats and thus fostering good relationships. 

Keeping in Touch With the World 

Facebook has thousands of groups that unite people with common interest all over the world. They allow free and prompt dissemination of information regardless of the location. Unlike in the past when people used only the traditional media platforms, today people send information to friends or sharing it on their wall in real time manners. Thus, in essence, Facebook has made the world a smaller place to live in. 

Help Boosting the Business

In the past, people relied on traditional media platforms to create awareness of their products. The packages were expensive and thus they were limited to major organizations that had the ability to raise the required amounts. Today, Facebook has created a platform that one can use in creating awareness to products and services. The social media company offers advertisement services to the customers and a bargain as compared to the traditional media companies. One can as well create groups for people that share common interests and thus they can share. These adverts are targeted to the desired populations thus making them more effective. We can, therefore, say that Facebook has enhanced business. 

Impacts on Politics 

Social media and specifically Facebook have played a critical role in determining the outcomes of elections. Through Facebook, voters can speak in one voice and thus they can be able to shape the future of their nations. Facebook has allowed people to complain and spread the awareness of government’s misdeeds and prompted the public to rise against such mistreatments and corruption by the states. Thus, Facebook has brought about revolutions and thus improving the quality of lives amongst the residents.

Negative Impacts of Facebook


Cyberbullying refers to a type of bullying that occurs through the use of media platforms. These include devices such as cell phones, computers and social networks including Facebook. Facebook allows multiple creations of accounts and there are no strict rules on the names that one can use. Thus, people who have the intention of bullying others can create anonymous accounts and harass their targets. It happens 27/7 and detecting and deleting the posts can be time-consuming as one does not have the ability to delete photos posted by others. Cyberbullying is equal to normal harassment, and thus the impacts are the same. For students and kids in school, the self-esteem and grades of the bullied students are affected. They are thus unwilling to attend schools and are affected physically and mentally. Those who perpetuate the act in school may not be able to stop at later stages of life and thus they are likely to be caught up on the wrong side of the law.


There is a very narrow line between favourite and addiction. The social media is built in such a way that it is interactive. There are games and activities that will tempt you to keep going on. Once you enrol, you will be able to read what is going on with your friends and followers' lines, one can engage in debates, applications or use it as a gateway to other existing websites. This overuse of Facebook results to lower productivity amongst the employees. It distracts them from their daily roles and thus they are not able to meet their deliverables. The same applies to students. Most institutions of higher learning have access to the internet and no control on the study behaviours. Students spend a lot of time on Facebook at the expense of the studies. 

Virtual Friendships 

Whereas the ability to connect with friends at finger clicks is a good idea, there are negative impacts that have resulted from this. In the past, people used to build real relationships that involved actual meeting and having a conversation. This has changed, in the modern days; face to face communication is limited as people embrace social media. It is possible today for one to have thousands of virtual friends but have a limited number of real friends. The search for popularity has made people willing to do almost anything to capture the attention of the followers and the users. This has seen people posting inappropriate posts and photos. The overall impact of this is the general deterioration of morals in the society. 

Privacy Violations 

People share personal information on Facebook and at times, this exposes the users to crimes such as identity thefts and stalkers. There are cases of a company performing a background check on potential employees, and your social network can determine if you will get a job or not. The same principle applies to other relationships, if one posts something that is damaging, it can create issues in the families. Facebook has known to cause breakups. Reconnecting with old friends is a good experience. However, there are cases where one had feelings for the other parties and meeting up on Facebook may tempt one to explore such feelings. This may result in the breakup of relationships or even marriages.

Striking a Balance

Whereas there are numerous benefits that are associated with the use of Facebook, there are as well some negative impacts that are brought about by the use. Social media amuse the users, enhances productivity, friendship, boost business and shape the politics and social welfare of the nations. On the other hand, it allows cyberbullying, can result in addiction, and affect the way people relate. Facebook information shared with the public can be used to commit a crime. It is therefore very difficult yet crucial for the users to find the right balance between the benefits and negative impacts.


It is therefore to the users to determine how they will use social media to enhance their personal and professional growth. One ought to take all the measures to ensure that safety is enhanced.


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