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Personal Model of Leadership (5th Level)



Personal Model of Leadership (5th Level)


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Personal Model of Leadership (5th Level)

Leadership is an important quality for any individual who wants to be successful. Nevertheless, not every person can be called a leader because of various reasons. Some people do not know how to be leaders, while others simply do not want to be ones. Leadership is the driving force of any development, and it cannot be bought. It is very important in all aspects of life. Only leaders are able to take the responsibility for making crucial decisions, implement new ideas, and let the humankind develop in all directions. What makes the minority of people be leaders, while the majority simply follows up the first group?

It is important to mention that most of the people are not born as leaders. Individuals become leaders in the process of the personal development, self-determination and because of great desire to be special. The desire plays the major role in the process of becoming a leader. There are certain traits that distinguish a leader from other people. Firstly, the integrity is important to make people believe that your actions in pursuing your dream are motivated by proper reasons and not just ego driven. Secondly, one should have the ability to understand peoples differences in order to use their uniqueness and individual skills to achieve goals. Thirdly, leader should be in a positive mood in any situation to encourage and reward people but not just waste time telling what was done wrong.

Along with the above-mentioned traits, a true leader should master a number of skills. One of them is the effective communication that is not simply being able to have a nice conversation and write correctly. This skill must make people clearly understand why they should follow the leader. Motivation is also important since it is the skill of persuading people to want to work at their best to achieve the goals set by the leader. Moreover, a true leader should master planning that is the strategic distribution of time and resources because it is important for any leader to be able to see the most efficient ways to achieve the goals. These skills are crucial for any chief because lack of the communicative, motivational or planning skills can make people be doubtful of this person as a leader. In most cases, a leader is an example to follow, and a model of behavior. Thus, one should be nearly perfect to be called a true leader.

Since the society has faced the big environmental problem, as a leader I would try to make everything possible to solve it. Living in harmony with the environment is the way to change the above-mentioned situation. Mindless consumption and overproduction lead to the inevitable filling the planet with wastes. First thing to do for every individual on Earth is to change the personal ecological footprint. One can reach this by considering and doing the following actions: consume less, recycle, change habits, be more eco-friendly, and eco-thoughtful. As a result, the planet will have the chance to provide next generations with the ability to see it. Thus, changing ecological footprint means saving the planet personally. In my case, it means the following: change the water consumption pattern; change the recycling pattern; change the food consumption pattern; and change several habits in order to comply with eco-friendly ideas.

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As for me, I sort wastes I produce by putting them into the special bags bags for plastic, paper, glass, natural wastes (from food, etc.), electronics (batteries, broken goods with electronics inside), and so on. Another step is to deliver things that cannot be recycled to the places where they are utilized. I am ready to pay money for utilizing since it is not a problem for me to pay a couple of dollars to make our world cleaner. In addition, I do not throw out my clothes anymore and do not buy so many new things. I decided to give clothes and footwear I do not need to the shelters and programs of helping the homeless and people who really need it. Vintage clothes, by the way, are not that bad in case of everyday use for the variety of purposes.

I also started to cook. Self-catering is one of the wonderful ways to decrease money and resources waste. I can control the ingredients used in my food, so it is also beneficial for my health. In addition, takeaway food goes with a big amount of packaging material every single time I use this service, so it would be reckless to keep using such food services and consider myself an eco-friendly person. Most of packages I try to use are recyclable and made from organic materials so that they could be recycled easily. My freezer now only contains the amount of food that I need to have for a couple of days neither more, nor less. It also helped me to solve my nutrition dilemma. Cooking is a great way to organize ones own schedule and diet, gain better shape and tonus.

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Electricity, as the main power source for everything we use every day, became the next thing to reconsider in terms of usage. Now, I do as follows: turn off all the lights I do not currently need in the house; unplug all devices that should not be plugged in to function (chargers for mobile phones, for example); purchase appliances with solar panels that are available on the market; try to use air conditioning not that extensively. Moreover, I have changed all bulbs for their eco-friendly analogs, replaced all appliances with the newer models with less consumption of electricity and started to use heaters more optimally.

I have changed my habits to become eco-friendly and leave a positive ecological footprint for my descendants and all people living on Earth. It is utterly important for each person on the planet view environment as a friend and partner but not as a commodity to be mindlessly exploited.


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