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Personal statement


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Personal Statement

Based on the realization that an undergraduate degree is a critical issue in the world today, I chose to pursue a course in communication. Here, I will learn a wide array of subjects that integrate both the society and humanity. Similarly, I will position myself well to learn and develop my skills. In addition, I will expand my knowledge in the field of broadcasting and news anchorage so that I can serve the society better. My interest in humanities led me to take an interest in languages. My key area of interest is to learn about the media and how it interacts with the society and humanity in general. I chose communication as my major owing to my experiences as a volunteer and work in the military and also the interest I have always nurtured in the media industry. This segment of my life not only strengthened me as a person, but also made me discover my passion for helping society get information since an informed society is a powerful society.

I chose communication as my major because of my appreciation of diversity and culture. In my studies at Bellevue College, I have learnt how to socialize with new people. Though their lifestyles are totally different, I wanted to socialize better with people, and this made me appear more of an American. Since I visited church once a week with my host family, the people in the church helped me to get used to the environment which I stayed in.

My experiences as a volunteer and service in the military influenced my choice of study in communication major. In the future, I plan to work as a TV anchor or a journalist in my country. By doing this, I will help people and communities share my experiences as a volunteer and a media specialist. I believe that by taking this step, I will render even greater service and information to others, particularly to those who lack information about their country. I know that I will be successful in the undergraduate school, and I am ready to dedicate my life to making the lives of others secure and productive. All that I need is the opportunity to fulfill yet another lifes dream.

My desire to pursue this area was enhanced by the excellent grades I scored in High School. I won a first prize in English Spelling Contest. I also won a merit award English language Competition in Washington Cultural Association for International students. It was a momentous achievement bearing in mind all difficulties that stood on my way. Working in the military proved that I have an interest in human service and made me traverse many countries. This made me develop interest in journalism to report on the beautiful sceneries around the world. I have always admired the media and communication world. This field allows people to combine interdisciplinary science and empower the society in terms of relaying the correct pertinent information to the public.

My high school education has been largely captivating as well as challenging. Referring to my high school courses, I have learnt about humanity and communication at many different levels. For instance, in the English Language classes, I studied the society systems and their language structure which were particularly intriguing. It is interesting to learn about many ways of communications used by people from different parts of the world.

The problem that young people have in this society is the lack of knowledge of how to change their status, circumstances, and prospects often because they do not trust themselves and the institutions that can help us. I went through life with a lot of doubts regarding my lifes mission and worth. However, my family especially my mother taught me that I could fulfill all my dreams through hard work and dedication. Her counseling made me rededicate myself to schoolwork.

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At that time, I certainly developed a vision for my future and found serious passion to achieve in my studies. I spent much of my time studying in the library and shunned all technologies since they were distracting me. However, I never received the results that I anticipated. The exam result grades did not qualify me to continue to high school. This was my lowest point since I was depressed and regretted that I disappointed my parents. I never gave up on anything. As Schuler said, Tough times do not last, but tough people do. Outstanding Schuller implies that people have to embrace the hardships that come along the way, because they will make one stronger. No matter what problems one faces today, there must be a solution. One needs to confront problems with courage, boldness, and action.

My parents promised to fund my education in the United States, and here I would treasure an exciting opportunity to experience a different environment with different cultures. This made me a person with a strong and a willing heart to overcome difficulties. I have also realized that achieving goals is not just about getting what I want, but also forcing myself to become a better, wiser, and stronger person. My high school graduation made me an achiever in my family. I sought work during my 11th grade at Kong Tsuen Japanese Restaurant in Hong Kong as a waitress. I served dishes and made the restaurant excel in its services. I also worked as an intern at Goldway Industrial Company in Hong Kong during my 10th grade, an opportunity that gave me exposure and savings which I used to clear the family bills. Eventually, I surveyed where I was and realized that education is obligatory if a man truly wants to become a complete, empowered individual.

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Finally, it is said time and again that a change is as refreshing as new. The change of roles and social environment is a delightful and fascinating experience. I am sure that this will enhance my interpersonal and relationship building skills as well as communication skills. Apart from my studies, I have a passion for sports especially playing baseball and ice-skating. Exercising my body boosts my self-esteem and motivates me too. My best pastimes involved practicing ice-skating and listening to music of all types.

Believing in me can help to establish my thoughts in a confident way. I look forward to making new friends too. I believe I am a dependable, determined, and passionate individual who will delight the opportunity to study for my undergraduate degree if given the opportunity. I understand that the university is a crucial step in my future life and career. I am interested in this major as I feel an ardent passion for the subject of communication; thus I will face all the challenges and do everything possible in order to fulfill my dreams and ambitions. I aspire to achieve success and looking forward to joining a happy, social life in the university.


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