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Reflection Paper about My Class

My reading and writing skills have improved immensely this semester, thanks to my English class. Being part of the English class is one of my best moments in school, mainly because I tend to comprehend the subject. Understanding is made possible by the teacher who uses various methods of teaching making every student to concentrate. Concern for the students is my English teacher’s key priority while in class. She uses videos, and web links to make sure we get appropriately acquitted with English lessons before and after classes. She meets students in groups and at a personal level to ensure that all is well, and everyone is comfortable with her English class. Therefore, my thesis statement is “a variety of teaching methods can be used to enhance the concentration and understanding of students in class.”

What is seen is better understood and recalled than what is heard. Videos as a method of teaching in my English class have enabled proper understanding. Remembering the English video lessons is possible and such lessons always looked easier than the ones involving just talking and hearing.

Tours in the school library with the teacher gave me the insight to attend the facility in times of free time. The numerous English books volumes in the library give one the urge to continue reading without stop. Finding a particular book and topic may seem a hustle, but the teacher taught about using the ASC library technology in the computer laboratory to find good topics and articles related to them.  This facilitated fast searches in the library hence saving the students a lot of time.The ASC technology also minimizes the search to a certain topic, making it easier than searching an entire book.

When writing papers, the teacher always gives prior reviews in the papers to enhance perfect and comprehensive writing. Writing good papers is the dream and hope of every English student, and with this good mark always follows. With the reviews, students have the picture of what is expected on the paper and the various components, thus includes them before handing in for marking.

Exposing students to rhetorical knowledge is one of my teacher’s aims. The use of web links prior to classes has enabled students be aware of the next class lessons. Reading a head by students is often the dream of every teacher, since it makes their teaching easy. Students tend to understand after reading then followed by an explanation by the teacher. My teacher gave links on rhetorical triangle paths, logos and ethos. With links and earlier knowledge of what to take place in class, students’ understanding is enhanced. It may be considered by others that prior reading is not essential as some students may not attend class, but this is not the situation with my English class. The teaching process is so enjoyable that no one has ever considered boycotting.

Group discussion is another method my English teacher uses to enhance understanding of students. Work shared is more understood, and two heads are often more productive than a single head. Hence, certain English lessons require group discussions among the students and the teacher goes round answering questions and helping different groups where necessary. Apart from groups, individual meeting with the English teacher is vital. My English teacher uses the method of personal meeting with each student to know him or her at a personal level. With this understanding of each student, it is easy to help him or her whenever possible particularly with matters relating to English class.

My teacher also gives the English class a list of pages to be read before and after class. Just like the links to be read prior to class, the pages give the students the urge to get to class and get further explanation on their readings. They also get acquitted with more knowledge about the lesson hence fast understanding during the explanation by the teacher

Different methods are essential during teaching. Using single methods is monotonous and students may get bored in class. What keeps students concentrating is the liveliness of the teacher and the varying engaging teaching methods employed. Therefore using methods like videos, proper explanations, group discussions, personal discussions, prior reading before class and giving reviews about papers is vital. The methods give the students the opportunity to understand the lesson hence applies it in the future.

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