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Peace and Conflict for UCB/ Personal Statement

It is never too late to be what you might have been


George Eliot

We can observe conflicts and violent behavior almost everywhere in our life. Sometimes, they can lead to terrible results: wars, murders, coercions, etc. However, psychological consequences are more serious for the victims of violence than physical pain. I completely agree with Maya Angelos phrase: I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel (Keane 178). That is why the resolution of contraventions by peaceful means plays a vital role for a happy life and guarantees the promotion of human rights and liberties.

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I am familiar with this matter not from hearsay and guesswork. I had it in my own life. Firstly, my interest in this major was caused by my father. I can not call my childhood carefree and easy, because my father was an alcoholic. When he was drunk, he became abusive and very violent.

Nevertheless, my genuine interest aroused, when I got married at the age of twenty. We started our marriage at a young age and had many financial and emotional obstacles. During the hardest times, my ex-husband was very cruel and blamed me for everything. He even beat me, but I was not discouraged and tried to safe our relationships. I wanted to take him to therapy for professional help, but he turned down the proposal. Thus, I started to go there alone seeking the correct answer to our problems.

At first, I was terribly shy and felt shame, but therapy helped me became aware of the fact that many women were suffering from this problem. I realized that it was a common problem, which could come to everyone and in every place. At the same time, the majority of women are the victims of domestic violence. Many of them hope that their abuser can change, but it does not happen. At the end, I understood that if my husband could not fix himself, neither could I help him with that. I passed a decision to move on. Instead of my husband, I could help other women, who were suffering from domestic violence. I fully appreciated that social work invoked passion in me. That is how I became involved in UN trust, where I started to donate every month for other females. I am currently involved in their activities and want to work there in the future in order to sacrifice my energy and time for the common good.

The UN Trust services include legal and health care assistance as well as psychosocial counseling. Improving the quality of life, relieving stress, reducing depression are some of the benefits that the fund and their workers can bring to the lives of others. From the volunteering work, I learnt that showing other people love and smiling to them can be the best medicine for sufferers. I also realized that sharing with others what we have is not only supportive to those in need but also helps those who are giving. It fills my life with meaning and value.

I began to ask myself about the importance of university education, which could teach how to cooperate in a group and, thus, deal with different real-life situations in order to advance my training.

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I am experienced in business, as well. Sushi restaurant in Danville in a partnership with my friend was my first professional practice in this field. Four years of running the restaurant taught me many things: organization, work in team, cash handling, basic accounting, staff scheduling, sales and promotion, problem and conflict resolution as well as coping with multitasks. What is more, a story about my sushi restaurant was published in Diablo magazine in 2008.

Karaoke bar in Pleasant Hill was my second sole-own business. I gained one more skill there. Since I dealt with a younger audience than that in the sushi restaurant, I had a lot of interaction and conversations with my coevals. I saw that I differed from them. I had many responsibilities and tasks that were difficult for other persons of my age. I had to think how to promote my business, pay checks to my employees instead of parties and dates. At that period of time, I did not actually establish my future career goals. I just worked hard. I am confident that it made me stronger and gave me knowledge for overcoming different challenges. This knowledge is going to be an essential element during my study and future work.

From my past experience I learnt that my businesses were the best places for revelation of leadership skills and their implementation. Being involved in the restaurant business, I became able to cooperate directly with different types of people. Keeping the ethics and high discipline are also my acquired skills in spite of the tough competition. After all my practice in business, I realized that this was not my cherished dream and life focus. Nevertheless, I highly appreciate the practice it gave me, which can be the main tool in order to fulfill my plans for future. My past business career taught me to be achievement-oriented and self-disciplined.

My story was published. We wrote letter to an editor in the journalism class, and my life story was published in Korean newspaper in 2011.

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I have a strong believe that the experience that I got at the restaurant will help me overcome many challenges. Therefore, this will allow me get closer to my long term desires and dreams of support for others. I developed excellent interpersonal and communication skills together with a high degree of self discipline and respect. I can work under pressure and in groups, but, what is more important, my skills are connected with my life purposes. The difficult times helped me grow up and see the true diversity of the world.

In conclusion, I want to add that I am open to new trials. I wish to work with people and help them to live a happy life. I am sure that I can manage it due to my wide experience and a deep longing.


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