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Your Personal Leadership Style Means Business

Your Personal Leadership Style Means Business

Executive Summary


Leadership can be defined as the process of social influence in which the leader is looking for a voluntary participation of subordinates in achieving organizational purposes, or as the process of influence on a group activity, which is aimed at achieving the objectives. Leadership is also referred to as specific actions of a leader for coordinating and managing activities of a group.

The topics Leadership and Followers and Values, Principles, Ethics, and Goals will be helpful for the audience in outlining the main goals and objectives of the subject as well as defining main principles, ethical considerations that each leader must have. Moreover, they will guide the followers of leadership obtain the knowledge, implement it in practice and achieve best results in both professional life and daily activities.

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After studying the topics, a reader will be able to outline the principle advice, which will be helpful in achieving the desired goals. Practical skills described by the most famous and powerful leaders of the world will assist in understanding the central concepts of leadership and why this concept has so many followers. Additionally, the audience will realize why this subject is so attractive for everyone who wishes to gain a success in life.

A Detailed Action Plan

In order to become a leader, a person must outline personal goals, which have to be achieved and developed in practice for improving personal qualities. Cox III, Plagens, and Sylla (2010) have noticed that a leader in an organization is viewed as a person who has the capacity and the power to lead followers or subordinates (p. 39). The next three objectives require having a detailed action plan of how these outcomes can be achieved while becoming a true leader.

1. Participating in things and events, which requires being in front of everybody, so I would not be able to hide, but express myself.

I believe that this skill is very important and can be called oratory. In the process of attaining skillfulness in oratory, individuals learn to appear in front of a group of people and, therefore, they earn inspiration, motivation and persuasion. If constantly practice this skill, a leader will be able to manage the audience, distribute personal time, control body, speech, emotions and moves. In addition, developing this trait will give a person an ability to be confident, reliable and authoritative sound. Of course, there is no specific time frame for obtaining the skill. However, the faster a person will acquire it the easier he/she will be able to communicate and influence people. For example, this skill is significant not only in professional life but also in daily activities. Thus, it can help a person to find reliable friends because they will always know that they can count on him/her. More so, they will never be betrayed; they will always be helped in a difficult situation, as well as it is a pleasure to have a friend with such qualities.

According to Kaplan (2008), Taking responsibility for your career starts with an accurate assessment of your current skills and performance (p. 46). This point will help its owner to outline the traits that he/she already has and, thus, determine what skills must be developed to succeed in life. In order to win the case and not afraid of being in front of everybody all the time, a person can attend courses of oratory to learn to be self-disciplined. The availability of homework obliges working on a regular basis. People get used to constant self-improvement, even in small things, and this trait carries over to other aspects of life. Oratory courses teach individuals to work in team, be a good leader, able to organize, unite and direct the team. A preparation of speech teaches people to manage their time, eliminate the possible disadvantages and predict the response of the listeners.

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2. Thinking critically and determining what is truly best despite emotions that sometimes get on the way.

Obtaining of critical thinking in the process of self-development is a powerful impetus that helps to get closer to a persons goals and move to a qualitatively new level of consciousness. It is not easy to develop critical thinking. However, a person who sets a goal and a plan to achieve it, as well as has a motivation, is bound to succeed. Thus, in order to meet this objective, it is necessary to use time that is usually wasted. This time can be used for self-examination. A person can assess his/her daily activities at the end of the day, along with the advantages and disadvantages that he/she has shown during the day. In your current job, identifying critical tasks helps you determine how to spend your time and develop your skills (Kaplan, 2008, p. 47). Every morning on the way to school or work, a person can choose a problem that he/she will be working at that day. It is possible to define the issue and its logic elements: what is the exact problem, how it relates to the persons values, goals and needs. Every week, it is necessary to work on development of one of the intellectual standards: clarity of thinking, logic, creative thinking, concentration, etc. For example, if a person is working on attention during the week, he/she can note how careful he/she is, whether he/she can concentrate whenever it is required, if people around are careful or not and so forth. If these three steps are trained all the time, it is possible to achieve this goal shortly.

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3. Overcoming the fear of losing and accept the fact that life is about constant improvement and overcoming this fear.

In order to overcome the fear of losing, it is necessary to learn risk in business and life. In business, the only way to overcome fear of losing money is to prepare for this possibility in advance. This does not mean that people have to think of losing all the time. Nevertheless, this means that tuning in to win, it is needed to consider the possibility of overthrow. In this case, this circumstance will not be a surprise that could crush a person. To overcome the fear of failure in professional life as well as in daily activities, it is important to turn into a persons world the next views and installations. First, it is required not to assume that the crash is bad. There is nothing wrong or shameful in it. It is crucial to adjust people to the fact that failure is the predecessor of victory. Second, it is significant to understand that learning from mistakes is normal. To make mistakes and fail is the only way to get the necessary experience. Third, people must train themselves to take life as a challenge. After that, they will not hide from risks and dangers. Instead, they will take the challenge of life. To acquire this trait, a person must train all the time because there are many cases when an individual believes that he/she does not have any fears, and there are situations in which these fears appear.


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