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Environment Health is more important than Economic Growth

It is undeniable that the issues of environmental health and economic growth are key components of any country. A country that is determined to realize any considerable growth and development in the modern and dynamic society must learn how to integrate and manage environment health and economic growth... Details >>

Causes of the Second World War

Researchers in different spheres of science have come up with different explanations regarding possible causes of the Second World War. Scholars hold different views on its genesis. As a result, several theories have been developed in order to establish what really ... Details >>

The Military and Politics

The military of any country plays different roles depending on the duties assigned to it by the constitution. In most democracies, the army serves to strengthen the civilian rule and pledge loyalty to the civilian elected leader. Details >>

Chinese Investment in Infrastructure and Technology in Greece

Greece has a created framework that empowers the continued performance of most investment exercises. Greece has a cutting edge infrastructure complete with air terminals, railroads, and paved streets and parkways. Details >>

Has the Cold War Ever Really Stopped

Despite many historians claim that the political and military conflict between the capitalist and communist nations ended at the end of the 1980s, numerous theorists are proponents of the idea that severe tension between countries of the Western and Eastern blocks never really ended. Details >>


In the books of history, the second president of the United States, John Adams, has been remembered as a philosopher whose scholarly interest in scholarly meditation of politics... Details >>