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Physician Assisted Suicide

The main purpose of the paper is to analyze the issue of the legalization of the doctor-assisted suicide that gives the terminally ill patients the opportunity to kill themselves. This topic is... Details >>

Is American Government Broken?

The collapse of USA government began in the 1960s and currently has accelerated. Other countries are becoming less dependent on Washington. America has been the worlds undisputed superpower since 1920 Details >>

Health Care

Affordable Care Act: Does It Work for or against the Good of the USA?. Affordable Care Act: Does It Work for or against the Good of the USA?. Today, the United States of America goes through one of the most important changes in its health care system over the last fifty years Details >>

What is the Obama Doctrine

There is an increased need to reduce the budget deficit and, at the same time, safeguard the key priorities especially in regards to the protection of domestic programs, national security and economic recovery. A bipartisan approach should be adopted in order to foster tax increases and reduce unnecessary spending Details >>

2013 Houston Mayor's race

The Houston mayoral election will take place on 5 November 2013. The current mayor Annise Parker who has served a two year term will contest for a third and a final term in office. If no candidate receives a majority of the votes in the non-partisan election, the top two candidates will face each other in a runoff which will take place on 14 December, 2013 Details >>

The US Bureaucracy

Bureaucracies exist in state and local governments, universities, corporations and other areas in many countries in the world. Originally, the US federal bureaucracy comprised employees from the Treasury, War, and State departments only. Today, the executive branch employs over three million people Details >>