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The Effects of War and Peace on Foreign Aid: Case of Kenya

Kenya is one of the many countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa that has faced inter-ethnic conflicts in the post-independence Africa and the post-cold war world. The politically instigated... Details >>

Democracy in America

The primary objective of any government is to provide relevant laws and practices that will improve standards of living. No doubts such issues of morality and ethics, freedom of speech and religion also have to be primary factors, which are taken into account by any government. Details >>

UAE and France

UAE strengthen their boundaries with France via aviation sector through the creation of strong partnership and alliance involving airlines of the two nations. For example, Etihad Airways has been able to sign long-term contracts with KLM, a French airline company. Such approaches are critical in promoting the relations between France and the UAE Details >>

Iii. The National Security State

During its history, the USA has protected its regions, people as well as the interests both at home and abroad. Terrorist acts have intensified public awareness with regard to national security, thus prompting the government of the U.S. to warn the citizens about the potential threat to safety Details >>

Carry Guns

Recently, there has been a rise in legislations on almost every issue, important to our society. We have witnessed a number of laws introduced, most of which have been either controversial or infamous. This paper talks about one of the legislations that has been passed by the legislators with reference to colleges in Texas, but of great concern is the 84th Legislature on carrying of guns in schools. Details >>

Leadership Styles

As a newly hired police chief of the local police force, I would like to address the city manager with my leadership objectives for the department. First, I intend to describe my leadership style and the way it influences my plan to lead the subordinate officers effectively. Dangerous occupations require meta-motivational leaders capable of investing their followers with the sense of a common mission and possessing wisdom to integrate individuals, teams, processes, and goals into a synergic interaction maximizing the success of emergencies Details >>