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Recently, Bulgaria has held presidential elections to replace the outgoing president Rosen Plevneliev, whose term comes to the end in January, 2017, with a new one, Rumen Radev (Oliphant, 2016). It was the first time that Bulgarian elections consisted of two rounds. A new law, enforced in 2016, states that participation in the elections is obligatory, and thus, in the first round of voting process, citizens can choose the option I do not support anyone, if they do not see any of 21 candidates as a president of their country (Leviev-Sawyer, 2016) Details >>

Week 4 Replies HS

In the first article, Veronica Thomas presents a critical problem regarding the potholes and faulty power lines that pose a significant risk to the community. It is an obligation of the local municipality to ensure that such risks are managed before they turn into a serious disaster for the community Details >>

Customary International Law

Customary international law is a set of developed rules of conduct for international humanitarian law subjects. A custom is an accepted long-established practice formed as a result of repetitive actions and considered by the International Court of Justice as one of the main sources of international legal relations (Cali, 2010) Details >>

Texas House Representative

In Texas, the House of Representatives has one hundred and fifty members representing single-member constituencies. One of its rising members is the representative from District 97, Craig Goldman. The combination of solid electoral victories, active involvement in the Republican Party, and the demographics of his district have ensured that Craig Goldman is one of the promising Republicans in the state. Details >>

Immigration in the 2016 Elections

The modern world is becoming more and more globalized every year. The immigration is an essential part of this global process. However, there is no single point of view whether the immigration is a positive or a negative feature for the U.S Details >>


Two important facets differentiate Iran from its neighbors. The first one is that the Iranians are not Arabs, but they represent different ethnolinguistic groups whose origin cannot be explained. Although the Iranians can write Arabic script, their Farsi language differs from the Arabic language Details >>