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UAE Vs. USA what policy should be adapted towards Asad in Syria?

The UAE is overwhelmingly concerned about the failure of the international community to end viciousness, destruction of property and crimes that have led to sufferings of many people in Syria. It believes in a political solution to ending the crisis. The paper will outline some of the policies the UAE should adopt towards Syria. Details >>


Gays freedoms and rights are limited, and their decisions are not respected. The film My Own Private Idaho shows how gays suffer emotionally because they hide their feelings from the community due to fear. In general, the film can change individuals political sensibilities regarding gays as one sees their desperation for acceptance in society. Details >>


1. The film titled My Own Private Idaho by Gus Van Sant can change one's political sensibility by evaluating the moral standards of an individual in comparison to those of the society. 2 Details >>


Critical review of Boys Don't Cry, Kimberly Peirce. Thesis: Ignorance is a primary concern and a trigger to violence and mistreatment. The movie Boys Don't Cry by Kimberly Peirce seeks to explain that lack of understanding can easily lead to harming people one interacts with since it gives a wrong picture about the situation, and therefore, a person fails to recognize the moment when they need to stop. Details >>

International Law

Running head: INTERNATIONAL LAW FOR INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 1. Relations between states and nations are governed by international law - concordance of the wills of the states,consent of one state with the behavior of the other, or, on the contrary, by peaceful efforts to change this behavior on a mutually acceptablecompromise agreement Details >>

Homeland Security

How does the War on Terror Change the Way as Americans Look at Domestic and National Security?. The particular article answers the questions regarding the war on terror and National Security of the United States. It states that Americans have changed their perception of the Domestic and National Security due to the consequences of the war on terror Details >>