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Seeking Justice

The majority of the films shown in cinemas or on TV reflect the larger picture of what happens in society. One of those movies is A Civil Action. It isa story of two companies, Beatrice and Grace, that caused the death of 12 children due to leukemia, and the pursuit of justices proves futile Details >>

Physician-Assisted Death

Young, Robert. "Professional Integrity and Voluntary Medically Assisted Death." Medically Assisted Death (2007): 113-136. Print. Details >>

Cold War Film Review

Without a doubt, the issue of the American and Russian confrontation during the Cold War occupies one of the most significant places even in the contemporary world. However, such contest involved not only the government of these two countries, but also other international actors. Nowadays, this item is worth accurately evaluating, as it does not lose its importance in the modern discourse Details >>

Structural Deficit

Building structures are essential for hosting business activities that will further lead to the development of a town by advancement of the lives of locals. Such structures create space for more jobs as well foster innovation among the citizens through the provision of space to nurture talents and put the relevant skills to use Details >>


The origin of the Blacks in the United States traces back to 1620, when the colonial masters imported the first group of slaves. Initially, slavery was a domestic issue, but it worsened after the revolution and then lasted for almost a century (Political Science 180A 8). The impact on the economy was great as the most valuable possessions at the time were slaves and housing estates (Political Science 180A 9) Details >>

The Foundation of the States

Ensuring a stable position of any country presupposes making political decisions according to a chosen program. Capitalism has proved itself as an effective policy that brings prosperity and stable political position in the global context. Democratic principles add to the conception that economically stronger countries supported by the majority direct and control the activity of the market. Details >>