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Arab Americans

No. After 9/11, dark-eyed and dark-haired people are probably associated with Islamists and terrorists. However, it is a misconception about the Muslim world to believe that all Muslims are Arab Details >>

Political Parties

Institute of political parties in the United States is not provided by written documents. However, at the same time, it is one of the main elements of the American political structure. As in majority of countries, political parties in the United States represent groups of citizens organized on the basis of specific views Details >>

Benghazi Attack

Many people think that a series of violent protests on September 11, 2012 began in response to Innocence of Muslims, that millions of Muslims considered a sacrilegious video. First revolts against the American diplomatic mission broke out in Egypts capital and later spread across other diplomatic missions and locations including the city of Benghazi Details >>

Text Messages

There is no denying the importance of text messages in the 21 century, as they have become the fastest and simplest means of communication between people. Their importance as a means of communication has resulted in numerous constitutional questions in different courts all over the state. The police have relied on these texts messages to collect evidence; such activity has led to the arrest and prosecution of certain individuals Details >>

Political Environment

The constitution of the United States is the supreme law that guides the political, social and even economic undertaking of the people of the United States of America (George, 2009). It provides a guideline of duties and responsibilities among Americans, as well as the government operations. It was adopted on 17 September 1787 Details >>

analysis iran poltics

In recent years, Iran has become the center of attention for the entire world community. This is primarily due to the strengthening of the Islamic factor in the life of the Muslim countries, the Iranian nuclear program, and the increased role of the U.S. in the region of the Middle East Details >>