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Date Chevron Chevron

Chevron is one of the leaders in the American oil industry. In particular, it produces approximately three billion of oil daily. In addition, it operates in 120 countries Details >>


The Bundestag is the name given to the lower house of Parliament in Germany. Its representatives are elected every four years. The method used to elect members to the Bundestag is known as mixed-member proportional representation (Conradt 28) Details >>


Islamism and Iranian Revolutions are difficult for Americans and Westerners to comprehend, because it is hard for them to understand how a government could be replaced with people who represent religious radicalism. That was the case with Iranian revolution. During that time, Pahlavi dynasty was overthrown by the Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini Details >>

Country Report on Brazil

Political Institutions, State and Regime type in Brazil. Brazil is the largest country in Latin America. The country was colonized for over three hundred years before it gained independence from the Portuguese on September 7, 1822 Details >>

Short Paper Assignment

The definition of democracy, as governance of elected representatives on behalf of the nation building on the principles of competition, participation and liberty, implies the notion of political parties and interest groups. The principle of democracy embeds the presence of a dialogue between the people and the representative government, in the course of which, the public will and opinion could be expressed and taken into account. Details >>


The proposal of the original Constitution in Philadelphia in 1787 had only a few individual guarantees of rights, as it mainly focused on machinery establishment for effective federal government. Charles Pinckney was the first to propose dome right guarantees but the Committee did not agree to adopt them Details >>