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2013 Houston Mayor's race

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2013 Houston Mayors Race

The Houston mayoral election will take place on 5 November 2013. The current mayor Annise Parker who has served a two year term will contest for a third and a final term in office. If no candidate receives a majority of the votes in the non-partisan election, the top two candidates will face each other in a runoff which will take place on 14 December, 2013. Annisa D. Parker and Ben Hall are two perspective candidates who are contesting for the mayoral seat. The powers of the Houston mayor include; appointment of the chief administration officer who supervises head departments, coordinating departments, as well as preparing the budget, and city management.

Mayor Annise D. Parker is the 61st mayor who keeps the city highest elected office among women. She is responsible for enforcement of all ordinances and laws and all matters of general management of the city. Annise has spent years in serving the people of Houston; six years as a city controller, and six years as a city council controller. She is the only person to hold the offices of council member, mayor and a controller in Houston. This is her second term as a mayor. Her accomplishments as a mayor include the growth of jobs, which were lost during the recession. This resulted to Houston being named as the job growth capital of the nation. She also managed to o match three city budgets during bad economic times without increasing taxes or firefighter jobs, or having to remove police. She also created a city department and the office of business opportunity to help minorities and many others. The department was focused on neighborhood needs and womens small business enterprises. In addition to Parkers duties as a mayor, she is a member of US conference of Mayors, a member of US Department of Homeland Security Secretary Advisory Council and an advisory board member of the Holocaust Museum.

If Annise D. Parker is elected, she plans to rebuild Houston, pass voter approval of a $410 million public improvement bond program and drainage improvement program that will offer jobs for years to come. She also promises to create an independent organization to manage the citys crime operation. There will be adoption of a long term financial plan, which will ensure the reformation of city department to gain cost savings and assure the stability of the citys water department. Parker will also create a unique center for public intoxication cases.

Ben hall graduated from the University of South Carolina, where he was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1977. He continued his education at Duke University, obtaining a master of Divinity in 1979. He studied Law in Harvard. He served as the City Attorney for the city of Houston in Mayor Bob Laniers administration. Through legal practice, he has applied the principles of courage, justice and tenacity that he learned. He set up the nationally recognized Hall Law Firm.

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In his agenda, Ben hall says that the citizens of Houston believe in fair play for all citizens. Ben says it is one of their great strengths. He also believes in the power of new ideas and policies which will make people look forward. He believes that government should not act as an obstacle to success, but as a channel to achieve it. Ben Hall also says that the government should support and encourage business while still caring for peoples prized individual liberties. Through the application of entrepreneurial governance, new technologies, and innovative leadership, Hall believes that Houston can expand its position as a global business capital.

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Ben Hall has primary ideas to implement if he is elected. One of his central ideas is not to tolerate criminal conduct in Houston. Ben says that criminals will be arrested and punished according to the law. He also promises that, offenders convicted of nonviolent crimes, will be engaged in community work. This work includes cleaning trash from the streets and waterways and mowing overgrown lots, rather than sit idly in jail. Ben Hall has promised to use his office to improve education whereby, he will work to achieve this through collaborative efforts with area school districts in Houston. Ben also raises the transport issue. He says that transport will be addressed through a combination of planning transit options. He also promises to promote shared transit ridership through better bus access, extended high occupancy vehicle lanes, smart rail options and other transport innovations. He hopes to channel energy of downtown city in order to attract international conventions and raise the level of downtown tourism. Hall also promises to repair roads and upgrade them immediately. He will also implement the current technologies to allow the public to report about road problems and find the response in their computers and hand phones.

In conclusion, both candidates have good qualities for the leadership and management of Houston. The one I would vote for is Annise D. Parkers. She had been a mayor for two terms, and that means she has more experience and is able to lead people. She will also be able to complete her plans, and this will have a good flow. Annise has been a good leader who has contributed to the growth and development of Houston. She has also provided jobs to many people, which has raised peoples living standards.


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